If you want to develop your visibility on social networks, you know, it is essential to create engagement with your community. To inspire you, we offer 3 examples of campaigns carried out with Adpow, a tool allowing you to create great applications…

Case study 1: sharing exclusive content with your most active fans / followers

Video, white paper or even Wi-Fi access, asking for social action (s) to unlock exclusive content can be particularly effective in creating engagement. In this type of campaign, it is essential to have high quality content or service for this to be effective.

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Example, you manage a hotel, a restaurant or even a shopping center, you can create an application asking people wishing to access WiFi to like your Facebook page, follow you on Twitter or even download your mobile application.

1st example for a hotel requesting 3 actions to obtain a free Wifi code:

Or even this case where to access a video, we ask the user to visit a site and download an application:

Simple but frighteningly effective!

Practical case 2: offer a reduction in share exchanges on social networks

In the same vein, you can use a coupon and offer your community to participate in a draw with a system that increases the chances of each social interaction.

Here the brand is organizing a contest to obtain a € 100 voucher and participants can multiply their chances by: following it on Instagram, tweeting, downloading an application … Very effective too.

Case study 3: offering a vote to your community

Everyone likes to give their opinion, the votes make it possible to satisfy this need while engaging the community. As in the previous examples, we can add gamification mechanisms to engage people even more.

Here, a famous show offers its fans and followers to vote for their favorite finalist:

Put into practice

All the examples that you could see in these practical cases were made with the Adpow tool. With a few clicks, this service allows you to create many applications to engage your community and collect data. We have seen exclusive content, discounts and voting, but you can also have contest, download or quiz apps.

In terms of results, it is quite impressive since on average the companies that have used Adpow’s services have seen their subscribers grow by 200% and their engagement by 120%! Among the companies that use these applications, we find Comcast, England Television, Ubisoft or Havas.

And good news, the tool has a free version to start with and the prices are then very accessible even for SMEs since the subscription starts from € 37 per month and tools are available for free to test different devices.

When creating an application everything is customizable from the visuals, to the texts, through the colors. In a few minutes, you have a turnkey application with the engagement actions you want.

And in terms of actions, you have the choice, look:

Example, I created an application offering the download of our ebook in exchange for the following actions: visit our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter and Youtube.

I was also able to limit the number of winners to 10. If necessary, we can also filter the users by age and geographic area.

Once the application is created, you can display it via a link, example: https://www.adpow.com/c/280

Or embed it directly on your site.

My opinion on Adpow

Very easy to use, in a few clicks, you create an application. I appreciate the number of applications and possible actions, these can adapt to all communities and all marketing objectives. The icing on the cake, the price is really affordable.

In short, no reason not to test the tool 😉

Click here to discover Adpow and register to test

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