▷ Social Networks 2018: Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat are updated 2020 -

This start to the year 2018 has been marked by many updates and new developments regarding social media. And as you know, good management of social networks requires knowledge of new features and algorithm updates. It is therefore important to keep abreast of this news in order to be able to adapt your communication strategy based on it. So here are the most recent updates for Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. What delight (or not) some …


Stricter rules for sponsored brand content

Since 2016, Facebook has been reporting branded content to its users in their news feed with the mention “sponsored.” Branded content is, by definition, any content posted by an influencer or media to promote a brand on the social network. This implies a partnership with financial remuneration. Thus, Facebook signals this to its users by the mention “sponsored” on the publication, in order to be more transparent with regard to this type of partnership. For sponsored branded content, the current rules are as follows:

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In 2018, Facebook announces a new rule that took effect in March 2018. Sponsored branded content must be created by or with the influencer or the media. Otherwise, Facebook will sanction the organic scope of sponsored content. If, however, the operation is renewed, the social network may go so far as to prohibit access to its monetization tools to the page or to the user account in question. We must therefore learn to think well and manage its content on Facebook according to the new standards.

Localized content is now favored

The importance of the geographic location of Internet users, particularly in terms of local SEO is growing in 2018. Facebook has understood this and integrated it into its algorithm. The social network announces for this year that it will promote the appearance of local content in the news feeds of its users.

How will he identify that it is local content? Good question. The algorithm will be set to identify content as local content based on the geographic location of the users who click on it. Thus, if more than 70% of the users who click on a content are geolocated in Australia in Sydney for example, the content will be logically associated with this city and it will be favored in the news feed of the users located in Sydney who will be linked to the page from near or far.

What will be the main impact for brands? Facebook said the impact of this update would be most felt for pages that post content by targeting a local and precise audience or for pages that share local news.

New features for the Insights pages

The Insights pages are the data analysis tools made available by Facebook, which gather a set of precious information about a page: its subscribers, its publications, its likes, etc. These pages are rich in very useful information and whose analysis is essential to grow a page on the network.

The first news is that, since February 2018, Facebook has modified the calculation of the organic reach of publications on a page. Indeed, the calculation will only count impressions when the publication has actually appeared on the screen of Internet users. So if you’ve seen a slight drop in your organic range, this is completely normal. This is one of the impacts of this update. The calculation of the organic range is now much more precise and truthful.

The second novelty concerns the design of these Insights pages, especially for the mobile version. Indeed, the design has been optimized, streamlined and made more intuitive and quick. All to facilitate the analysis of data provided by these pages.


The programming of publications is finally possible!

Many of us answered “Hallelujah! When the news was announced. Indeed, to the delight of social media managers, Instagram finally allows the planning of publications for corporate accounts. It is now possible to schedule the publication of content on Instagram through social media management platforms such as Hootsuite for example. On the other hand, it is not yet possible to do it directly from the social network, but it is already very good news! The only catch is that the photo must be edited beforehand. Indeed, platforms like Hootsuite do not allow content to be edited by adding a filter, more or less brightness, writing, etc. Your content must be ready to be published.

New: carousel ads in stories

A new format of content sponsored by brands is made available by Instagram in stories: carousel ads. It’s about being able to combine up to 3 visuals (photos or videos) in the same advertising story. Thanks to this innovation, brands have more options to promote themselves on social networks. Knowing that this new advertising format is under test period, it is only available for certain major brands at the moment. We can cite Gap in the United States as an example. So, be ready to test this new format if the test is successful!


Creation of Insights pages for influencers

Taking an example from its colleagues in social networks, Snapchat is launching its own Insights pages for influencers who have developed their audience on this platform. Snapchat will allow official accounts, with lots of subscribers and views, to access a dataset. Among those :

  • The number of views over the week, month or year;
  • The total time in minutes of viewing account stories;
  • The number of unique views;
  • The rate of competition of the stories seen;
  • Demographic and geographic data on the audience of the account;
  • The audience’s interests.

Snapchat Insight will truly allow influencers and brand accounts to analyze valuable data and leverage it to tailor their strategy to their audience.

With all these updates, we are seeing the transformation of social networks to more optimized versions that seek to be more transparent and more complete for their users. Whether it involves including data analysis or revising part or all of the communication strategy, brands present on social networks will have to adapt accordingly to maintain or increase their community.