▷ Social networks and storytelling, a winning recipe for young people 2020 Guide -

Diplomeo gives us for the third consecutive year, a survey on young people and their relationship to social networks. One thing is certain, storytelling has never been so appreciated by 16-25 year olds …

Best practices of marketing influence

reech_v1How to identify the best influencers? How to structure the partnership? What remuneration should be defined? It is to answer these questions that Reech has written a guide to survival in this jungle of influence which lists the 12 best practices. Reech supports its customers by helping them bring out ambassadors and generate conversations and visibility around the products or services of a brand.

An increasingly connected private life

Whatever social networks we use, we cannot deny their exponential anchoring in our daily lives. For 40% of 16-25 year olds, one or two hours a day are devoted to them. In addition, 66% of their users kept the same number of apps over the year. The poll goes further and reaffirms this observation: although 53% of them think they can do without these virtual shares, a majority believes they can do it for only a week (25%).

This age group is therefore a prime target for any self-respecting “marketer”. What could be better than storytelling to reach your heart. Instagram has made it its trademark and young people love it: It is the most used social network by 16-25 year olds with 81% of users, followed closely by Snapchat (74%). For 77% of them, these platforms are fun. Your success will therefore be correlated with your comic talents.

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Behind each heart is a sale

The private sphere put aside (72% and 52% of 16-25 year olds respectively use the networks to talk with their friends and take news of their contacts), young people make it a place of information (78%) and of relaxation (61%). So this is where you have a turn to play. Facebook is relayed to the rank of work tool (44% make it number one for this task), Instagram its stories, hashtags and photos (image or text) will be your best allies to sell your products and promote your brand. Photos (67%), text (60%) and stories (47%) constitute the podium for the most posted content.

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However, it remains to be seen which masterpiece will be yours. To do this, Mélanie DE COSTER explains how to use storytelling to improve communication on Instagram; Léa KANIEWSKI offers you a variant: storyliving and Christopher BOUCHÉ explains the concept of neuromarketing. It’s up to you to choose the winning strategy.