▷ Social networks and their impact on SEO 2020 -

Each site has its own particularities and opportunities. The following is an overview of tips to use on several of these platforms. We will briefly discuss Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Instagram. Links from social media sites are not tracked, so don’t expect them to transmit link authority to your site. However, visibility on these sites can still be of great importance. Visibility, legitimacy and sharing. This is the objective of social media in a natural referencing strategy

Social network and SEO

A strong presence on social media can act as a powerful PR channel. By posting relevant content and sharing it through your social media accounts, you can potentially gain rapid exposure to bloggers and the media (if they follow you), which can lead to linking to your site. .

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Internet users share links on their calendar and on Facebook pages. Links shared by users who have marked their content as available to everyone are visible to search engines, just like Facebook pages. These links are not followed, but they can provide visibility for your content.

There are many reasons to use Facebook, but you shouldn’t expect it to directly affect your SEO ranking. However, a strong social presence can play a big role in your online reputation and visibility and, therefore, have a significant indirect impact on your web traffic. Facebook can be used to create valuable relationships with influencers or premium media. It can also generate traffic through Facebook ads.

If you choose Facebook ads for your visibility campaign, this strategy can pay off for immediate visibility. Facebook has powerful advertising features that allow you to significantly increase your reach across the platform, which can give you great visibility.


Twitter has established itself as the leading microblogging site. It allows its members to contribute to microblog messages and interact in real time. It has become a direct communication environment with a fairly large and active network. You can use Twitter as an effective platform to promote your business, although Twitter links are not followed it is a valuable tool. Communication channel for your customers, it will allow you to establish a rapid contact with influencers, future customer or manager of a press magazine for example.

If your network is large, you will have legitimacy. Thus, each publication will allow you to acquire targeted traffic and immediate visibility.

As with other networking sites, many important influencers spend time on Twitter. If you can use the platform to develop relationships with these people, you can potentially get very high quality links.

In addition, if you create high quality content, you can get high visibility through “retweets” (where users send your message to all their subscribers). Particularly interesting tweets can have significant visibility for you and your business.


Instagram has a built-in search function, working on hashtags, but also on the location and names of people. If a user types your company name or the corresponding hashtag, this will allow you to generate traffic and visibility.

Choose the keywords that are interesting for your activity then prepare the most popular hashtags that will generate targeted and relevant traffic for your activity. Avoid adding too many hashtags; do not exceed 10.

Take care of your legend and description. The photo is essential, it will make the Internet user want to know you.

The advantage of Instagram is also to contact influencers. This platform, mainly used for communication, is filled with influencers. Do not hesitate to exchange services. This will have a direct impact on the traffic of your website.

Example: if you are a hairdresser, offer a free haircut for an influencer against a photo or video on his Instagram account. This will encourage fans to meet you. Generate interest!


Google+ was launched in 2011 and quickly built up a large user base. Like Facebook, Google+ also allows Internet users to share links and generate comments and interactions on their publications. Content shared on Google+ can be assessed based on the authority of the person sharing it, the number of times it is shared and the number of comments it generates.

Users can also indicate that they have found an interesting page by clicking on a +1 button. This button works the same way as the Facebook Like button, except that Google has direct access to +1 data, as well as platform sharing data. This plays a big role in personalized Google search.

Google+ also offers brand pages, used by many large companies to communicate with their existing and potential customers. Nevertheless, Google plus is the least relevant social network for an SEO strategy. It is not to be excluded, but will rank at the bottom of the priority ranking.

In conclusion, there is a connection between social networks and SEO. Indeed, social networks allow immediate visibility with a targeted audience. It is also a great contact tool for recruiting or meeting influential people. Google has officially declared that it does not use social media for ranking. That said, social engagement generates inbound links, endorsements, and bounce readers.