This month, the startup SonetSuite won our startup of the month contest! The startup offers candidates a tool to centralize their job searches and companies a technological solution allowing them to take full advantage of the power of social networks for their recruitment policy. Let’s discover this startup together…

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3 questions to the startup “SonetSuite”

Hello David, can you introduce “SonetSuite” ?

david sonetsuiteSonetSuite is a startup that targets the Recruitment and Employer Brand market on social media.

It includes two interfaces: and

SonetView for professionals (Drh, recruitment managers, employer brand and HR communications managers, communications agencies).

It is an innovative management interface which allows them to save considerable time for:

SonetJob is intended for candidates and people on standby. We provide them with a centralized solution for their research: jobs, recruiters, companies or news related to a trade.

Sonetjob allows, in a single request and in real time to obtain this information from the main social networks on a single space.

Once the results are displayed, they can consult the information of their choice on their preferred networks.

Sonetjob is completely free (as is the publication of job vacancies for companies).

How was born the idea behind this project ?

When I worked in San Francisco, between 2010 and 2012, I interviewed and participated in different meetups. I therefore regularly surfed the networks in order to complete my information.

But I always carried out the same research and the same operations from one network to another …

I then noticed that there was no tool aggregating useful information for job seekers.

Faced with this lack, the concept of SonetJob was born!

I thought to myself that a centralized search solution would be very useful to me. If she also helped me manage my applications and follow my interviews, that was ideal!

It was also necessary to bring added value to recruiters who must be more and more visible on these audience hubs.

The complementarity of Sonetview and Sonetjob offers them a dedicated “HR” solution. Our services are, in fact, the only ones to integrate all the components related to their communication and digital recruitment issues.

Our customers no longer waste time publishing or compiling statistics: they focus on analyzing this data.

They thus optimize their investments on the networks and significantly increase their employer attractiveness.

What are the news / news of your startup in the coming months ?

Our roadmap includes the development of several services over the coming months. We will keep for our customers the first of these, however, we can present to you two axes in progress; audience flow analysis and a mobile app for ambassadors. In parallel with these projects, a site design overhaul is underway.

Understanding the distribution and evolution of its global audience on networks is essential to better manage its communication strategy. In addition, having the possibility of viewing your entire visit is an asset that we believe is essential for our customers.

A person in charge of the employer brand must be able to interact with their ambassadors in a simple, fun and practical way (by having the associated statistics). This is even more the case during events such as trade fairs or school forums where the volume of shared messages is higher.


Within SonetSuite we have over twenty years of experience on the internet job market. Through social networks whose use will grow, our role is to provide services that allow its players to win considerable time in taking information, to facilitate their analysis, in order to help them make the best decisions.

Find SonetJob on their site and their social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Viadéo.

Free grandstand

The recruitment market is constantly evolving and therefore exciting!

Today, we have entered a digital era which no longer concerns only the media used (social networks, mobile, data) but also the very organization of companies which must rethink their operations and their relationships with their employees and their customers.

At the same time as these developments, candidates also have more and more tools and means of communication to learn about a company when they are in a process linked to the development of their career.

Before they googelized, now they go on social networks, they contact their entourage, they read reviews on companies, all this to flesh out their opinion before starting a contact.

Our era is therefore that of communication in the broad sense; we are getting more and more information because it is easier and easier to do!

The next step is to be able to do it faster, both for collecting information and analyzing it.

It is this evolution and these exciting challenges that made us want to provide an answer that did not exist: a platform that combines a solution for candidates and another for recruiters. Knowing that we are at the beginning and that the possibilities are immense!

We still have many services that we want to offer; our exchanges with our customers will allow us to refine them as best as possible in relation to their existing and future needs.