▷ Social selling with LinkedIn: 6 practical tips 2020 -

Social selling is particularly effective on LinkedIn, with a social network of 610 million users. Among this vast den of professionals and actors in the world of work is necessarily your target clientele. With social selling LinkedIn, meet her, bring her to you, create a solid relationship with her and put the odds on your side to count her among your future customers!


Tip # 1: set your target
customers on LinkedIn

It is obvious that your offer does not concern all the members of the LinkedIn network. It is therefore essential, in order to avoid a considerable waste of time in the dissemination of your content, to precisely determine the people who are part of your target heart. By scanning directly the profiles of people who do not correspond to your typical clientele, you will save yourself:

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By knowing your buyer personas (kinds
of model customers that you will have defined in advance) you have all the keys
to provide them with content tailored to their needs. So you maximize your
chances of reaching the right people, those who will be receptive and
will feel affected by your speeches, publications and other sharing.

Knowing your target heart will
will better meet the expectations of your prospects, by customizing
more easily your exchanges with them and avoiding watering them
useless information, which does not concern them, in order to build between you
a cordial, qualitative professional relationship but above all based on

To determine your buyer personas, take the time
to think carefully and ask yourself the right questions:

  • What is the general profile of your client
  • In which sector does he exercise his
  • Is it located in a geographic area
  • What is the solution (s) you can
    bring him ?
  • Is his business a large group or at
    opposite a smaller structure?
  • For what reason (s) and how often
    can he appeal to you?
  • What is his vision for the future of his
    business ?

This list is not exhaustive, you can
adjust according to your objectives. Remember to specifically answer these
preliminary questions, as this will allow you to establish a
“Robot portrait” of your model client, and a unique strategy,
adapted to his situation. If you have several target customers, no
problem! You just have to repeat the operation and define
new portraits.

Once this task accomplished, it’s up to you to find on LinkedIn the people who fall into the category of your buyer personas, and start to study their behavior, their LinkedIn profiles, follow their activities on the social network, etc. This step is important, because it will allow you to adapt the rest of your LinkedIn social selling strategy

Tip # 2: Create suitable content
on LinkedIn and let your creativity run wild

Once your target customer is
identified on LinkedIn, you can start getting into the thick of
subject: social selling itself! Now is the time to
you create content tailored to your target, and distribute it to
her. Stand out, be original in the development of your publications
and your exchanges, you will then more easily establish an emotional bond with
your target, who will remember you more if you have been
relevant and out of the ordinary.

Without ever losing sight of your expertise, vary the pleasures: humor, elegance, mockery or any other idea that goes beyond the framework of traditional marketing will be your greatest asset to familiarize your target customers with your person and your business.

By arousing enthusiasm, empathy and curiosity, you will gain recognition: the human being behind the LinkedIn profile will be touched by your publications which are personally addressed to his scenario and even plans to solve his problems.

This is the magic of social selling:
convince prospects before even talking about sales!

Tip # 3: think social selling on
LinkedIn at every step

In the expression “social selling”, it
there is the word “social”, and it is not there by chance. The very idea of
social selling is to create a more human atmosphere than that of
cold prospecting encountered by many salespeople. Keep this
principle in mind at each phase of the process is essential.

Social selling begins when your prospects are invited to join your network. For social selling to start on a solid foundation, start by doing the same with your prospects and personalize your LinkedIn invitations with a note adapted to each of the people you invite. This invitation will be the cornerstone of your commercial building.

Then during the conversion of your prospect to
future customer, in short during the phase where you work so that the prospect
adopt your business as a potential solution, also consider
social selling! Whenever you find yourself in a situation
exchange with your prospects, never forget the human dimension and the
personalization of your words.

Finally, social selling continues even after the sale is concluded! Indeed, make your customer relations a personalized follow-up model. Anniversary dates, surveys on your products, little anecdote that reminds you of your client, etc., every opportunity is good to take to keep in touch with your existing clientele. Will follow a valued brand image, favorable customer feedback, and recommendations from them!

Tip # 4: be consistent in your
social selling on LinkedIn

So that your social selling strategy on
LinkedIn to be successful, you must meet a condition
essential: regularity. Without regular actions on your part on the
network, your whole approach will collapse. Your keyword? The visibility.
You will never catch the eye of your target customer if you
just put “likes” to a few posts once a
month, when you have five minutes.

Daily, allocate a little time for your activity on LinkedIn and your social selling strategy. This time will allow you to start conversations with your prospects, to write personalized LinkedIn invitations, to study the behavior of your prospects. Take notes on your prospects, their habits, the progress of your exchanges with them, etc. These notes will be very useful for guiding your future customers on the sales journey.

Integrate your social selling into your strategy
overall. So, spend time developing your business on
LinkedIn so that your social selling pays off quickly. It’s a
endurance race, where patience is the key word for success.

Tip # 5: use the right tools
for your social selling on LinkedIn

Everything you reap on LinkedIn in the
framework of your social selling must be grouped in a tool
automation. For example, a powerful CRM tool can help you to
determine the ideal time to contact a prospect on a particular subject,
will let you know how open your messages are, etc.

LinkedIn offers you a Premium subscription specially dedicated to prospecting on LinkedIn, which you can link to your CRM entirely: it is LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

By combining several management tools, you
increase your chances of reaching the right people at the right time, and you
can precisely follow the impact of your social selling with your
target customer. Depending on your goals, you can then adjust your
strategy if the need arises.

Tip # 6: Integrate inbound
marketing to your social selling on LinkedIn

Inbound marketing is a method of marketing
which is about attracting customers to you, rather than going after them. it
sounds magical, and ultimately it is a little. Inbound marketing and
social selling are very complementary, since these two methods
both are part of a commercial journey highlighting the
solid human dimension in the sales process.

By working together inbound marketing and
social selling, you are sure to boost your sales and create a
satisfied and committed customers with you and your brand image.

To go further: everything you need to know about inbound marketing.

Social selling LinkedIn: to remember

Social selling is a method that fits particularly well with LinkedIn. Social selling requires work, constant monitoring and daily commitment, but reveals a deep desire to collaborate with your prospects by sharing your values, your expertise and your vision.

Did you know social selling? Are you
convinced of the value of using it with LinkedIn?