▷ Sociallymap: Finally, intelligent automation for managing social networks 2020 -
No need to prove today that social media
are an essential building block for any good digital strategy. If these networks
can be powerful allies in traffic or lead generation,
community building or data production, these are also
levers which obey certain rules, and which must be perfectly
used if you want to benefit from it. So no choice, a person
who masters its workings is essential to deal with it.Community managers or communication services are
all designated to take on this delicate mission, only their
time is not infinite.A strategy of presence on social networks presents many tasks with high added value that these people must perform manually: Content creation, conversation management, general monitoring of the communication strategy. There are, however, some tasks with lower added value than a platform is fully capable of taking care of, freeing up time for professionals who can focus where they are needed. This is the case with Sociallymap, which we are presenting to you today.Sociallymap differs from other platforms
usual by its innovative and so practical “mapping” system,
that you build and modify in an extremely simple way, while dragging
n’drop. (Note in passing the French Tech prize for the UX obtained by the

This system allows you to view at a glance
your entire dissemination strategy … pretty practical.


A 14-day test of the platform is offered free of charge on the publisher’s site: www.sociallymap.com

An ultra flexible solution:

Sociallymap allows integrating content sources
various, and above all, to recover the contents in an automated way:
Company news, Blog, Watch content, Curation.

Where the real power of the platform resides are
famous “operators”: small functions inserted between the
content sources and social networks that, put together, make the
overall strategy and allow the right content to be delivered to the right
timing, in the right place, and in the right format, automatically.

Obviously, there is a so-called
“Library”, which allows you to keep hold of the content
where you want in the mapping. The library allows you to moderate
the contents, to modify or to create them, before letting them follow the
tracking of the mapping.


In any dissemination strategy, however complex it may be, it
there is a mapping that matches.

Some use cases:

Franchises and networks


Franchises (or any network organization) have
particular to have a strong need for content distribution, fluidification
and in harmony. Sociallymap meets this need by allowing the implementation
simply place global-local strategy (transfer of head content
network to the subsidiaries, or vice versa, with or without a moderation step
by the different entities).

Relay of corporate content

Job offers, events, internal articles … Sociallymap
can relay them for you, one or more times, and you
let you focus on writing them.

You can for example, with Sociallymap, decide to do
a first publication manually, then decide to republish the offers
3 times on Twitter, once a week, with phrases
automatic and different hooks each time.


AI, Watch and Curation

Curation is a great way to fuel your profiles
social, with expert content. Thanks to its mapping technology
possibly to its Artificial Intelligence brick, Sociallymap aggregates for
you thousands of sources to make your job easier. Don’t mind
more than moderating content.


Employee advocacy

Corporate social media is good, but why not amplify the messages by offering employees to relay them in turn? This is possible thanks to Sociallymap, either by connecting profiles directly to the mapping, or by using the SociallyUp brick (mobile application)



Do you publish a large number of content per day, on various themes? Sociallymap can take care of sorting and sending the right content to the right place, in the right format, and at the right time.


Sociallymap offers a 14-day trial offer >> www.sociallymap.com

A solution to discover… and to adopt!

Article written in collaboration with Sociallymap