▷ Some advice on writing a legal notice 2020 -

Legal notice is an obligation of most administrative and legal formalities in the life of companies. It allows third parties to know events in the life of the company that could be relevant to them (for example, informing possible creditors of a liquidation) and is often a sign of the end of the formality for the management of the company. Here are some tips for fulfilling this obligation in the least painful way possible …

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Be concise when writing your ad

The price of a legal advertisement will essentially depend on the department on which the headquarters of your company depends, and on the number of lines of text (of fixed size) that will contain your advertisement. You cannot act on the line price set by the prefecture of your department (which will be roughly between 4 and 5.5 euros per line), you must therefore do everything to have a legal advertisement fulfilling all the mandatory criteria and as short as possible.

Do not hesitate to use acronyms: S.S.P for “private signature”, SAS for “simplified joint stock company”, RCS for “trade and companies register”, etc. In addition, be concise in the expression of the company object in the case of a creation or in the writing of addresses: you can for example write “2 av. Curie ”instead of“ 2, avenue Pierre et Marie Curie ”.

Our advice: take inspiration from what has been done by others and which has already been accepted by a legal newspaper. This is the best way not to risk being relocated, with the obligation to start over (and pay a second time).

Make multiple announcements at once

Certain formalities can be grouped within the same advertisement. This is, for example, the case of formalities which follow one another naturally: modification of statutes, modification of management, modification of head office, which can happen when a new partner enters the capital which will obtain a modification statutes (for example, to change an agreement clause), become a manager and transfer the business to a new location.

Admittedly, the announcement that you will make will be more expensive, because it will be much longer, but the mentions common to the different types of legal announcements which will only have to be placed once will allow you to make a substantial saving.

Do everything via a website

There are websites that allow you to do everything directly online: writing according to a model already fixed and guaranteeing the conformity of the advertisement, in particular in terms of mandatory information, verification process by the newspaper of legal announcements, rapid issue of the certificate of publication and sending of the latter by email. Even if there is a slight additional cost linked to the additional service, the time saving makes the operation particularly profitable. Remember that time is also money.

Here we have seen some fundamentals of writing legal notices, now it’s your turn to play!

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