In recent years, the world of digital advertising has undergone major changes and has seen its standards redefined. It’s true to say, some advertising formats are in a phase of decline for the benefit of others and in particular the native advertising (or native ad).

This advertising format is very successful for one and the same reason, it integrates naturally into websites. The latter is based on the principle of respecting the editorial line of the destination site.

The interest and the budgets allocated to this advertising format continues to grow:

So-called “native” advertising will represent 52% of all advertising spending in Europe by 2020


To date, many forms of native advertising have emerged and can be found on the net. Indeed, there is something for everyone and for all expectations. There are three main categories:

  • theIn-Feed : Integrated inside an article, usually in the middle or at the end of the article, so that the reader can first read the main information they came for without being embarrassed.
  • The recommendation modules : present on news sites in general, they are boxes that integrate with editorial content. These redirect to other articles that may be of interest to the user.

But one of these native formats stands out from the crowd by causing a strong craze, this is itsponsored article.

Sponsored articles : What is that ?

Above all, it is of utmost importance to understand what a sponsored article is. Quite often, it is mistakenly associated with a completely different native advertising format, the infomercial or infomercial.

What essentially differentiates these two formats is nothing more than the content author to publish. Using the term sponsored article means delegating writing to the editor of the blog or site on which it will be published, unlike advertising and editorial where this responsibility falls to the brand.

This type of native ad brings new life to online advertising. A much more natural tone as well as a respect for the editorial line, and therefore the audience, of a site are factors favoring the success of this advertising format. Increasingly qualified as digital grail, the effectiveness of the sponsored article is mainly based on the authenticity, relevance and transparency of the content thus produced.

Recently, we start to talk about a real quest for lasting visibility for advertisers trying their hand at this advertising format. Their use of the sponsored article is part of a research process:

  • Improvement of natural referencing (SEO);
  • Improvement of their brand image (branding);
  • Increase their qualified traffic and thus their sales (acquisition).

While for publishers, we come back to talking about a challenge of smart monetization. It is true that the sponsored article presents itself as an opportunity to generate additional income for a publisher. In fact, beyond this form of monetization of your media, you can see the opportunity to find additional subjects and entertainment for the owner of a site.

How to get started?

Start with the basics

There are many benefits of the sponsored article. The most complicated thing is still to indulge serenely for the first time.

A preliminary phase of reflection is deemed necessary both on the advertiser side and on the publisher side. In line with this, drawing up precise specifications is often recommended.

In order to start on a good basis, the advertiser must first define a clear and precise strategy and Goals to reach.

The publisher, on the other hand, must carry out a completely different phase of reflection. Indeed, the latter is responsible for defining the terms of any collaborations. Whether it’s the price per sponsored article, the minimum number of words, tone to adopt, etc.

Rely on a specialized service

All of this turns out to be a long-term job and sometimes requires a great deal of advertising knowledge. This is where the consistency of opting for a boost of networking platforms such as getfluence:

  • Premium service;
  • Support on a case-by-case basis;
  • An international opening.

These are significant aspects that this platform offers to anyone who wants to get into sponsored articles. The best part is that registration is completely free and without obligation.

The ambition of this connecting platform is to make save time and money to both parties.

The canvassing phases last approximately 7 days. On getfluence this time is reduced to 1 day on average.

In addition to saving time, the platform offers you the possibility of fully or partially delegating certain responsibilities (article writing, site search, etc.).

Finally, a considerable saving of money is also to be highlighted. By saving time on canvassing, you can then devote your energy and time to another income-generating activity. Then, the centralization of exchanges offered by the platform getfluence allows to use as little internal resources as possible for the same level of work.

It is in this sense that this type of platform is a real business provider but also a solution in the booming field of native ad and especially sponsored article.

The first one study on the subject has just seen the light of day! It highlights the relevance of this growing advertising model and helps you to see it a little more clearly.

So what are you waiting for to get started?

Article written in collaboration with getfluence