With more and more democratization, sponsored articles offer real advantages for the brands involved in them, for example in terms of influence marketing. Nowadays, many bloggers can generate income from their blog.

Brands, on the other hand, have the possibility of boosting their visibility on the internet. In the field of blogging, the practice of monetizing articles is spreading more and more. Interest in this technique is growing, so it pays to pay close attention to it in order to understand the advantages it offers.

Monetize your blog sponsored articles


Monetizing the audience of your blog while respecting it and not neglecting their user experience, all this seems to be a real challenge. Well, sponsored articles turn out to be an exceptional way to raise it.

In order to optimize collaboration requests, you should not wait for someone to approach you. If you wish to make yourself visible, you have the possibility of registering on a specialized platform.

In England, more and more platforms of this type are emerging, like getfluence. With more than 4,500 active advertisers, and an average of 50 orders delivered per day, this platform is positioned as one of the best in this field.

Free registration and a clear concept are the two main qualities of the platform. You just need to fill in some information such as your site, your theme and if your registration is validated you just have to wait patiently for collaboration requests.


You launched and developed your blog alone, the years have passed and the subjects have run out. After long reflections, you have come to one and the same conclusion, you are struggling to renew yourself.

You are starting to stagnate and the rate of quality publication becomes impossible to maintain. But what should you do? Leave your site abandoned? Reduce the volume or quality of publications? Well no, this is where the sponsored article comes up as the solution to your content problem.

By setting your conditions beforehand, you will keep control over the quality level of the articles as well as the subjects covered. The best part is that your content problem will be ancient history.


Practicing the publication of sponsored articles is a positive action for your SEO and the generation of additional income, this is no longer to be proven. Beyond all this, past a certain milestone, you will reach a level of legitimacy and credibility in the eyes of all.

Brands will come naturally to you. When you have made a partnership with a brand A, the brand B being its competitor will be very strongly tempted to approach you to convince you to collaborate with them.

Indeed, the more you will collaborate with brands the more you will gain notoriety. A real communication coup, sharing a well-written sponsored article can only speak positively about your blog.

What better way to offer you a wider audience and notoriety?


Suppose Google is a human being, he would have been one of those very picky people! Knowing that nowadays, everyone is engaged in improving their SEO, how to stand out in the eyes of this ever more demanding search engine?

Well, the sponsored article can help you in your quest to improve your SEO! Incorporating links to other sites gives you much more credibility and sends a very good signal to our friend Google.

Therefore, the search engine is able to prioritize your site over your competition or not, everything will depend on the efforts you provide.

Now you know, maybe, why your competition distances you from the search results.


Over time, you have developed a community loyal to your blog. This confidence that she has in you is the result of hard work and quality.

However, within this audience, there are a plurality of profiles and therefore of issues to which you must daily try to answer.

Restricting yourself to your own perimeter by not opening the door to other sources of information turns out to be quickly binding.

Opting for the publication of sponsored articles will allow you to cover a wider field of subject and thread in needle, to answer the maximum of problems of your readership.


The misuse of classic forms of advertising such as pop-ups and banners has led to the development of Banner blindness. This concept, now largely in the majority among Internet users, is the fact of consciously ignoring or not all the banners appearing on the screen.

Few bloggers are unaware of the ineffectiveness of web banners, especially with the development of multi-device ad-blockers. Causing serious shortfalls (19 billion euros / year according to Page Fair / Adobe), it is necessary to find remunerative alternatives.

Most bloggers find the answer to their need in the sponsored article. From another point of view, it is then possible to better target an audience and provide them with relevant responses to the subjects that interest them.


One thing that sets you apart from your competition is the fact that they have incorporated influencer marketing into their strategy. In particular, opting for sponsored articles.

By using this, your competitors discreetly increase their notoriety and gradually distance you. It is in this sense that the sponsored article becomes a must for anyone wishing to continue in the blogging field. Not offering it can simply be reduced to restricting your market.

If you do not yet accept them on your blog, it is never too late to correct it! You will almost immediately generate additional income.

Article written in collaboration with getfluence.com