▷ Star Wars: Google personalizes your applications in the colors of the saga 2020 -

Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Master Yoda … Whether you are a Star Wars fan or not, admit it, these characters and this galactic universe fascinate. And as usual, the release of a new episode is causing a buzz with its many derivative products: the essential t-shirt, mugs, mood lamps and even cake pans! The Force Awakens (Episode VII), scheduled for December 16, is no exception …

The big firms all compete in imagination to pay homage to the saga. Fiat for example has unveiled its 500E model inspired by the look of the Stormtroopers, while La Poste is releasing its stamps in the image of Darth Vader and the like. Same trend among web giants like Twitter with its emojis or even Google which offers to customize its applications in the colors of the saga.

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fiat 500e

Dark side or bright side?

A few weeks before the release of Episode VII of Star Wars, the Mountain View company offers to dress its services by already choosing your side: the dark side (that of the Empire) or the bright side (the Resistance ). If you have a Google account, go to google.com/starwars/, you will see that your profile picture will appear in the center of the screen separating the two worlds. Have you chosen the dark side? Your wallpaper will display a legion of Stormtroopers. Otherwise, you will see a sunset.

star wars

But Google does not stop there, because it also offers to customize other of its applications: Google Chrome, Google translation, Google search, Google Maps, Google Now, Android Wear, YouTube, Waze, Google Calendar, not to mention Inbox by Gmail. On YouTube for example, controlling the volume of videos is reminiscent of lightsabers while the cursor becomes an X-Wing or a TIE hunter on Google Maps. And for those who wish to know the events linked to the release of the film, Google will add them to the agenda once the camp has been chosen.

Available until February 1, 2016, this experience will allow you to better discover the two worlds and live a unique adventure. Of course, you can undo the dressing or change sides.

So, have you chosen your side?