▷ Starting a business, how much will it cost you? 2020 -

In England, the creation of a company, “it is not expensive”, but what does that really mean, what is the real price of creating a company? The formalities for setting up a business will not have the same cost depending on the legal status you have chosen, depending on the activity of your company, depending on your location, etc. However, a certain number of costs are known very precisely, they are mainly those induced by the compulsory procedures: registration, legal announcements, drafting of the statutes, etc …


Training & Co'm

Drafting of statutes

The drafting of the statutes is the fundamental act of the creation of your company. In most cases you can write the statutes yourself, especially in the case of SARLs and EURL, for which the regulations are very marked with many examples of standard statutes available for small sums. On the other hand, for more complex, more contractual statutes, type SAS, SASU or even SA, it is advisable to approach a professional, and then, depending on the complexity of your case, the cost can reach up to a few thousand euros.

RCS or RM registration

If you are a sole proprietorship, a micro-entrepreneur, or an LLC, EURL, SAS, SASU, SA with a commercial activity then you must register your business with the RCS (Commercial and Companies Register). This registration will cost you from zero euro (micro enterprise case) to 41.50 euro for SARLs, SAS and other more traditional statutes.

If you have a craft activity, it is in the trade register (RM) that you must register. Again this will be free for micro-entrepreneurs (formerly self-employed) while more conventional companies will pay around 130 euros (the exact price depends on the registration department).
The craftsmen must also follow an installation preparation course (SPI) at a cost around 260 euros (variable by department). Note: it is possible to obtain funding for the SPI by contacting the training council at the chamber of trades and crafts (CMA).

Publication fees

The end of the formalities for setting up a company is determined by the publication of a notice of creation in a newspaper of legal announcements. The price of the legal advertisement will vary depending on your legal status, but, on average, it ranges from 200 euros for an SARL or EURL to rather 250 euros for SAS and SA. Of course by being a little clever on the drafting, you will be able to save a few tens of euros, but by taking the risk of having an advertisement which is not formally correct.

Note, for all of these tasks, you can be assisted, for example, by the CCIs (chambers of commerce and industry), by the CFE (center of business formalities), or even by the registry itself . In most cases, the service will be chargeable, but the price will remain reasonable.