▷ Starting a podcast is easy! 2020 -

If you have been thinking about launching your podcast for a long time, but you hesitate to take a training course or have different apprehensions, I understand. However, you do not have to be afraid to embark on this great adventure, because although it is surely very different from everything you know, it is easy to start if you are well prepared …

A paying opportunity

First of all, it’s interesting to know why we’re launching a podcast. If you are still skeptical about the popularity of this medium, don’t be it anymore! It’s been a great asset for a few years now for your marketing strategies for your business or to make yourself known.

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In terms of figures, the company Mediakix, for example, has collected data on the web and the results are quite impressive, especially since this study dates from 2015 and 2016. In 2015, there were 3.3 billion requests for downloads and in 2016, more than 35 million people listened to podcasts on a weekly basis. It’s enormous !

It’s also interesting to know that American podcast listeners earn about $ 10,000 more than the average American. Now, more than 50% of marketers and agencies plan to advertise on podcasts to reach their audience, which is obviously very targeted to the genre of the podcast.

As you can see, the world of podcasting is clearly popular and there are many opportunities to develop this activity. Why not take advantage of a growing audience by launching a podcast of your choice?

It is not difficult to configure

Even though I knew that a podcasting program was a great way to market my business a few years ago (and it still is), I delayed launching it because I thought it would be difficult to implement square.

I’m pretty sure that is the case for many other people as well. Maybe even this is your case now. Some have technical difficulties, such as not knowing how to add their podcast feed to iTunes.

Fortunately, we now have platforms like Libsyn and Blubrry (I use both for my various podcasts) which host our shows and automatically send our new episodes to iTunes, Stitcher and several other platforms of the genre.

Also, be aware that you don’t need a ton of equipment. For example, I just record my interviews via Zoom using a Audio-Technica ATR2100 like microphone. That’s all ! So no need to spend hundreds of euros, even thousands of euros for the podcast, even less when you start!

People like to be invited on a podcast

Initially, with your podcast, if you wish to do interviews, it is recommended to call upon your acquaintances and friends for your first broadcasts. However, you may need to purchase a high-quality microphone and other accessories to set the whole thing up. If you don’t have enough savings for the same, look for sponsors who could help with your new venture. Just a few months after starting a podcast, people might recognize you and you may receive requests from colleagues or acquaintances to be part of one of your shows.

Subsequently, you can even receive requests from complete strangers who want to come to your program! So yes, it could be that several of your guests are already following you on social networks or had found you on iTunes before contacting you.

Also, once you gain confidence and your podcast is where you want it to be, you will have more power when you ask specific people to come as a guest.

Again, it’s a little scary to do it at first because you’re afraid of being rejected. But as we say in life, who tries nothing has nothing!

Tons of people, including those you consider idols and influencers in your field, will also be more than happy to come on your podcast show and share their amazing stories (if your podcast is related to their field Of course) !

If you wish to have even more good reasons to leave your podcast, I strongly recommend that you read this text in full.

See you very soon and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!