▷ Startup and social networks: you are made to get along! 2020 -

It’s a beautiful couple that works wonderfully! But it often didn’t happen without some effort and a few doubts. However, to pursue a quality common life, the main thing is to be able to open your eyes to what led you to join a couple and to pursue stimulating common goals together. Today, I’m telling you why and how Startup and social media should spin the perfect love …

Common passions

Startup and social media, you share common passions!

Training & Co'm

In a Startup like on social media, the key to success is often to invent new ways of doing things or seeing things. You are visionaries! For this, new technologies are your best allies and will help you to create new business models. Do the same with your communication. With social media, you can think outside the box and invent your own way of communicating.

Common character traits

Beyond your common passions, you also have in common a large number of character traits including:

  • The rapidity ;
  • Flexibility / agility;
  • Inventiveness;
  • Enthusiasm;
  • The ambition and the will to change things!

What are you going to do together?

Meeting and getting along is one thing, but what are you going to do together now?

  • Establish an effective watch;
  • Develop your network;
  • Establish your e-reputation and develop your visibility;
  • Test your ideas;
  • Capture (future) customers.

A nice program, right? It would be a shame to miss it!

Two obstacles to overcome

So obviously, as in any beautiful love story, everything will not be rosy every day and doubt can arise:

  • Will performances be there?? Measuring ROI on social networks remains a delicate point. And even if a large number of indicators can be followed (number of subscribers, direct traffic generated on the site, number of interactions, etc.), you may sometimes doubt. Setting goals step by step at the start over very short periods can help you stay on track. For example: gain 50 new targeted subscribers per week.
  • Won’t I waste my time? It takes time to build its presence on social networks. And obviously, when you are in the process of creating and developing a business, time is a precious resource. To avoid dispersing yourself, the golden rules are to define and implement well-targeted actions and scrupulously organize the time you spend on social media. It’s not about getting caught up with your friends on Facebook for half an hour every morning…

Once these two obstacles are overcome, a bright future opens up for you Startup and social media. So persevere!

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