The early stages of a startup can be the most hectic time in the life of a business. Once you have successfully set everything up and your business is going through this turbulent stage, you can look back and be relieved to find that the most uncertain moments are behind you. However, if you are still in the start-up phase of your business and are still in the stage of developing your offer, you still have work to do and a lot of energy to deploy to succeed in this crucial phase. A startup has everything to gain by being visible on social networks, and this, in the first stages of its development …

The success of a startup depends on the quality of the content

It is tempting to use the publication of an image or a partial or full text taken from the site of another company. But who benefits from it? Surely not you who are at the stage of demonstrating your own identity. In fact, this could tarnish your reputation. A startup must, from the start-up period, offer quality, unique and relevant content, with regard to its Lambda client.

On the other hand, all things being equal, building a successful business takes a lot of work and time. The creation of corporate and social content is no exception to the rule. To make up for this lack of availability, several entrepreneurs choose to publish their content either on their corporate site or on the various social media platforms. This type of thinking is perfectly legitimate in a time management context, but in a context of branding and e-reputation, there is a third alternative: publish on both.

Publishing unique content on social media differs from posting on a corporate website. It’s important to tailor the content to our audience again. On social networks, visitors (possibly your leads or future customers) prefer text content that is shorter to read, considering that these platforms are generally accessed via mobile technologies with a limited viewing interface. It is therefore advisable for a company that is trying to stand out and attract potential customers to publish on its corporate site a feature article on what differentiates it from the competition and publish a summary of it for the posting on social networks. This has the advantage of offering different content from your website and allows your followers to follow you more easily. Suddenly, you consolidate your e-reputation and your brand as an influencer.

Social Media & Digital Marketing

Social Media Marketing plays an important role in any online marketing plan. A startup must take the time to fully understand the usefulness of each platform with regard to its target audience. It is therefore important that you are aware of all the marketing options available on each of the social platforms and that you budget accordingly. The most popular social media platform is of course Facebook.

With more than a billion users on a daily basis who trade on this social media giant, Facebook offers you the opportunity to inform Internet users of your offer and develop awareness of your start-up business. This social network offers PPC advertising at a lower cost compared to Google Ads, which makes it an interesting web marketing alternative, without putting aside the efforts to invest in natural referencing which is equally, if not more important.

To bridge the previous section, if you post regular, high-quality content, you will be able to grow your audience on social media and gain notoriety recognized by the community by the very fact. This is the expected result of the efforts and resources invested.

 Here's why your startup should be featured in Social MediaSource: ElisaRiva / Pixabay

When implementing your Facebook marketing strategy, you will be asked to define a target audience that you have previously determined in your business plan or communication plan. This will allow you to choose this audience whenever you want to promote an article or any other piece of content published on your corporate site. Promoting your content on the Facebook commercial interface is fairly easy to use while being effective in that it integrates the stages of the online process.

A marketing plan is essential to the success of your startup

The major constraint of any startup company is that of the lack of financial resources. As a result, these resources are subject to strategic sharing in various start-up activities, which includes the advertising / marketing component. The financial resources allocated to this position at the start of a business life are crucial, but very limited, which encourages entrepreneurs to use them wisely. A startup should not only rely on natural referencing to make itself known by its target audience. It must also set up a social marketing strategy based on both natural referencing and paid promotion.

Whatever your income or means allocated to this budget item, you must share resources adequately to update these two objectives, especially when starting up in a context of high competitiveness. How do you stand out? On Facebook, you can promote your business page for as little as one US dollar a day. It goes without saying that the more you invest in advertising, the more impact you will have.

I focused on Facebook, considering the critical mass of potential customers this platform can offer a start-up business. However, a good social communication strategy must also take into account Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest or Instagram according to your content strategy that you will have established according to your target audience. They offer similar marketing features that allow you to successfully grow your business and gain more audiences, therefore more customers.

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