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Looking to get followers on Instagram? You’re in the right place… Instagram is naturally a great place for businesses of all shapes and sizes to get known. However, it is not easy to gain the loyalty of an audience committed to the application. Bryan, one of the editors of InstaSchool, explains in this detailed guide how to get followers on Instagram … So, let’s go!


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Step 1 : Go from 0 to 100 followers on Instagram

2nd step : Upgrade to 1,000 Instagram followers

Step 3: Upgrade to 5,000 Instagram followers

Step 4: Reach 10,000 Instagram followers

Step 5: Reach 20,000 Instagram followers and more

If you ended up clicking on this article, I’m going to assume that you care about growing your Instagram account. The question “How do I get customers on Instagram?” ” is an issue of concern to all marketers.

Unfortunately, the majority of articles published on the subject are either too vague or too specific to a particular case and for the most part present some ideas with low impact and / or which take a long time.

In addition, these Instagram subscriber growth strategies need to be updated almost as often as Instagram updates its algorithm. Chances are the boards shared in 2017 are long overdue, because, well, Instagram has changed a lot in the past two years.

At InstaSchool, we do marketing for Instagram for a few years now. During this time, we have had time to test ridiculous amounts of different methods to grow our accounts and those of our customers.

Thanks to these experiences, we have compiled a set of universal and effective ways to attract customers to Instagram. By trying to organize them in one way or another, we have developed this step-by-step guide to develop a base of qualified subscribers, specifically: the way to 20,000 followers.

But before you get down to it, it’s time to make a quick reality check: there is no miracle strategy that can get you suddenly over 1,000, 10,000, or 20,000 subscribers.

When it comes to knowing how to get Instagram followers, timing is key. Yes, there are a variety of activities you can do to increase your number of Instagram followers. However, doing them all suddenly will not bring you significant results, as the effectiveness of each action changes after reaching a certain threshold of subscribers.

For example, there is no point in buying a post for your account for 100 euros from a great influencer when you have 10 subscribers. Yes, you could get a few followers this way, but the price per subscriber would be unreasonably high. It would be much more effective if you have already established a strong identity, are on the cutting edge of information and are looking to accelerate the snowball effect.

Well, enough chatter, let’s go to the guide itself: How to have subscribers on Instagram …

Step 1: Go from 0 to 100 followers on Instagram

Okay, now you have a brand new account and you have to create this initial dynamic and get followers on Instagram.

If you already have a business or brand with a somewhat established community, then getting that first audience shouldn’t be such a big challenge. Send an information email to your existing customers, inviting them to follow you on Instagram.

Remember that when you want people to do something, you have to give them an incentive. In this case, a discount on your products to the first 100 followers could work very well.

If your list of e-mail addresses is long enough, you can divide the offer so that the first 100 customers receive a reduction of 30%, the next 100 by 20%, and so on, so as not to discourage those who could have opened the email later from following you. Before sending the email, make sure you already have some interesting posts to give an idea of ​​your brand.

10 good resolutions for a successful email marketing strategy in 2020.

If you do not have a customer / subscriber community, you can turn to your friends, your family or your colleagues and ask them to follow you. This is one of my favorite techniques, because you can get an initial base of followers quite easily, even without posting content (however, I still suggest you have at least one post to start with). If you are one of those people with a large family, many friends, you could reach this hundred followers quite quickly.

In addition, if you have a website, you can capture any visitor to the site by adding a “Follow us on Instagram” button, to make sure your audience knows where you are on social media!

Once this first step has been taken, it’s time to choose a strategy to have followers on Instagram and increase this base to at least 100 followers.

Strategy 1: “Something is brewing …”

It is best that you have something new to share, a new website, a product, a gift, etc.

Create an attractive profile photo, as well as an engaging biography. Don’t be afraid to add emojis if it’s of interest to your audience.

If you have a link to your home page, your email subscription page or literally any other branded link that could potentially extend the relationship with your subscribers, add them too!

Even if you haven’t launched your site correctly yet, this adds credibility to your brand, it shows your audience that you are serious about your business and that you have gone the extra mile to buy a domain name. Ideally, you should have at least one “coming” page with a lead capture.

But don’t worry: your Instagram page doesn’t necessarily grow faster if it contains a link in your biography.

When writing a biography on Instagram, be sure to be very clear about the subject of your account. If you plan to start an e-commerce activity, say so. If you give free marketing advice, let them know. Perhaps you are launching a contest for the first 100 subscribers? They should know it. Give people an incentive to follow you, even if you don’t have anything planned yet.

If you want to go further (and you should always do so), publish at least one post that conveys your brand image. Find a post idea on Instagram. This will help you gain followers on Instagram, as it lets potential followers know what you’re doing, what kind of posts they can expect from you, and get them excited about your upcoming brand!

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For “Le slip Français”, they created this:

Branding ☑️ Brand Description ☑️ Incentive ☑️ Website☑️

Unfortunately, just opening an account won’t help you find followers on Instagram. Look for accounts that are in your niche or in a niche similar to yours and who already have a large number of followers (I would go no further than accounts with more than 10,000 subscribers). Once you’ve identified these accounts, start tracking at least 10 of them, and be sure to follow around 50 of their subscribers as well.

If you want to go further (and you should do so), you can check the accounts of these 50 subscribers before following them, to make sure they match your target audience.

Here’s the bottom line: make sure you interact with the accounts you follow regularly! Like their last messages, leave comments on them, reply to their Instagram stories and / or write them a direct message in which you present yourself in one sentence, mention that you have created a new account and that you would be honored to see them among your first subscribers [insérez l’encouragement dont vous avez parlé dans votre biographie].

The personal approach to direct messaging, combined with regular engagement, is a great tactic for getting Instagram followers, especially if your account is not too large and you can still process all of your DMs. You should do all of this in later stages as well, but this is especially crucial when you are still a new account.

Strategy 2: “A rising star”

If, on the other hand, nothing really important is planned on your business planning or if you wish develop a personal brand (models, photographers, speakers, etc.), then choose this one.

Everything we talked about in Strategy 1 is still useful. You need to work on your biography, explain who you are and what your account is about, contact other accounts in your field, and engage with their subscribers.

The major difference here is that you have to build your feed BEFORE to do the awareness work. Remember, to get subscribers, you’re not looking to convert people to your offer directly, you want to lead them to your posts.

Here’s the big question:

How many posts should you publish before you start advertising on Instagram? In my opinion, at least 9 to 12 posts would be a good place to start.

This means that when someone is on your profile, there is enough content to represent you and / or represent your brand. Keep in mind that your posts must complement each other to create a coherent grid and feed a harmonious Instagram feed.

It is very important to have a nice layout. Yes, each individual image helps to engage your current Instagram followers who see the posts in their news feed.

However, the overall look of the grid is one of the most important (if not the most important) elements in helping you attract followers to Instagram. It shows that you take your brand seriously and lets them know that they can consistently expect similar quality content.

Accounts that use consistent color palettes and go the extra mile to plan their feed will have followers on Instagram faster than those who don’t!

If you decide to use 12 initial posts, I suggest you publish them within 2 to 3 days at least. It depends on how often you plan to publish in the future, but I personally think having the 12 publications published in one day doesn’t sound organic at all. (However, this is just my personal preference, and if you are very impatient to get started, then go ahead and publish them all immediately).

In each post, include different hashtags to make your first posts more accessible to potential followers. It’s important to show good commitment on your posts from the start.

I suggest choosing small hashtags that have little traffic (maybe 1k-20k), as well as very popular hashtags (10mil +). Chances are you will start having Instagram followers just with this activity! The most important thing to remember is that your hashtags should be relevant to the content of your post. For more tips on hashtags, visit the site:

To remember :

  • Create an engaging biography with an incentive to follow an offer, posts, or both;
  • Communicate regularly with people and brands who may be interested in your content;
  • Work on your first posts to develop your own style / layout;
  • Research the increasingly popular hashtags, choose as many relevant hashtags as possible and use them on your posts.

For further…

Step 2: Have 1,000 Instagram followers

Once you get that first push, the following strategy will really give you an extra boost to attract subscribers on Instagram. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Identify certain key accounts (more than 50,000 subscribers) who are similar to yours or who belong to the same sector and who have the same target audience as you;
  2. Check if their followers are real (some good tools for this: Fameaudit, SocialAuditPro);
  3. If the majority of their subscribers are real, open their follower list and start following these accounts (I personally suggest following accounts that have a real profile photo, instead of a logo);
  4. Start checking who’s not following you and unsubscribe from these accounts. There are many applications for Android / iOS / WEB for this specific purpose, just do a search.

Ideally, at least 20% of the people you started following should follow you back. The more followers you have, the “healthier” your ratio of followers to subscriptions will be, the more attractive your feed will be and the higher the percentage of follow-back.

People are more likely to follow Instagram accounts that have:

  • Looks real;
  • More subscribers than subscriptions;
  • Many subscribers;
  • A well-designed post feed.

In addition to the subscription strategy, you should start interacting with influential accounts (as long as they are not direct competitors).

First, turn on notifications for these accounts. Whenever they post something, be the first to like it and leave a comment. There are already too many comments like “It’s so true”, “He’s a drug addict”, “It’s great” because of the engagement robots. They have become very easy to spot and most Instagram users know that they are not authentic:

Generic comments of this type often come from accounts using a follower or engagement robot and therefore do not count as a true engagement.

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So try to write something related to the legend or the post, the more you are human, the better! Ask specific questions or add your own opinion. This will show other Instagram users in your community that you are genuinely interested.

To reach 1000 followers, I suggest you combine the “follow / unfollow” strategy with the strategies from the previous step!

Second, when you start to hit the 1,000 follower mark, it’s good to start thinking about scheduling your Instagram posts. This will give you more time to create content, engage with your audience, and continue to attract followers to Instagram.

Photos, videos, carousel posts, captions, first comments can all be scheduled in advance, so you never have to rush for last-minute posts again.

To remember :

  1. Identify key accounts that are similar to yours and follow them;
  2. Enable notifications for these accounts;
  3. Leave a comment as soon as they post;
  4. Follow their real followers.

Step 3: jump to 5,000 Instagram followers

Now that you have a good foundation for growth, it’s time to accelerate even more. I’m not saying you should stop doing what you used to do. I think that these methods are excellent even if you have passed the 20,000 subscriber mark. However, adding other methods from this point could give the same or better results with less effort.

  • First, you should start using engagement groups;
  • Second, consider investing in advertising. If you want to create a brand (and not just display photos of your cat), Instagram ads will be very useful at this point;
  • Third, start programming your Instagram ads; Once you’ve reached this point, every minute you invest in your Instagram counts.

To show ads on Instagram, you need to switch to a business account. If you don’t have it yet (or if you don’t know if you have it or not), there is a very simple way to activate it:

  1. Go to your profile and click on the “Settings” button next to “Edit profile;
  2. Scroll down until you see “Switch to company profile” (if you already have a company account, you will find “Switch to personal account again”);
  3. Click on it and follow the instructions to create a company profile (for your information, you will need a Facebook page for which you are the administrator).
Switch to business profile

Where to upgrade to a company profile

You can promote your existing publications or link your account to Facebook and create an advertisement from the Facebook Ad Manager panel. Try different targeting options, and see which one earns Instagram followers the quickest or increases engagement (depending on post and purpose).

I suggest you make short advertising videos and choose Instagram Stories as your advertising location. This placement is still relatively underused, which probably gives better value for money than regular posts.

If you need help getting the ads out, hire a freelancer or, heck, send us a message on our telegram, and I’ll give you a quick introduction!

Finally, if you’ve established relationships with Instagram influencers, don’t forget them …

Influential people are also real people! If you want to approach an influencer to ask him to work together, take a real interest in what’s going on in his life. If you are not shy, record a short video as a conversation starter, and send it to them as a direct message. This will set you apart from other people with whom they may have conversations.

If you select multiple accounts as recipients, be careful not to create a group conversation, but send it to them separately. Otherwise, it doesn’t seem very personal.

The world of influencers is a little intimidating if you’re still building your brand and trying to gain followers on Instagram, so check out the best marketing training to learn everything you need to know.

To remember :

  1. Join and use engagement groups;
  2. Place ads to attract traffic to your profile and posts;
  3. Establish quality relationships with influencers.

Step 4: Reach 10,000 Instagram followers

The passage of 10,000 Instagram subscribers is magical ✨

This figure is so large that it does not fit in the dedicated space, so it is reduced to 10k.

In addition, you have the huge advantage of being able to add links to your Instagram stories to bring your storytelling to Instagram. This is a great opportunity to start monetizing your Instagram account. Here’s an article on how you can do it via email: How to monetize Instagram with an email marketing strategy?

Keep doing everything you’ve done so far to get Instagram followers. Of course, if something seems not to be working, then stop doing it and focus on the things that have the most impact ! You should review your Instagram marketing strategy at every step of this guide to make sure you’re staying on track!

Since you have a fairly solid customer base, you should think about ways to get them involved in the promotion:

Tag a friend

One of the best ways to get people to promote your content is to simply ask them to mark their friends. It can actually be done with any publication you publish. It works well with emotionally charged content: quotes, funny and / or inspirational videos, articles about animals, etc. In the caption of your message, you can include something like “Tag a friend”, “Tag someone who inspires you”, “Tag someone who should do this”, etc.

But the content must be really good. This is the key here. If it is not emotionally moving, it is unlikely that people will tag others!

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Organize a competition

Offer a price that your subscribers cannot refuse! These can be books, gadgets, hats, shirts, Amazon gift cards, a product you sell, etc. I’m not going to go into details, so here is an article on how to run an Instagram contest, in case you’re interested.

To remember :

  1. Encourage your subscribers to become brand ambassadors;
  2. Create posts where they can “tag a friend”;
  3. Hold a contest to increase your reach.

Step 5: reach 20,000 Instagram followers (or more)

As with the previous steps, anything we’ve covered before can surely be used to grow your account and help you get followers on Instagram.

However, I would like to share with you my final suggestions which, in my opinion, have worked well, especially when you have developed your account and have more than 10,000 subscribers.

Like I said, the fact that your account has over 10,000 Instagram followers is magical. This builds credibility and you’re definitely no more random accounts.

That said, you should start thinking about creating a voice outside of Instagram. Having more than 10,000 followers opens up possibilities for monetization and you should take advantage of it and focus on developing your entire online presence rather than just an Instagram account.

By that I mean you can do it, but it’s really a matter of purpose.

Start considering your Instagram as a business. What is the problem you are solving? What is the value of your offer? What do your subscribers “get” from your posts?

When you have identified these elements, find out where your potential audience is and start to add value.

Here are some ideas on what to do:

  • Respond to relevant comments on YouTube;
  • Help people on Reddit;
  • Answer the relevant questions from Quora;
  • Chat with people on relevant Facebook groups;
  • Post content on relevant forums;
  • Write articles for blogs that your audience could follow.

These are just a few examples of how you could get traffic to your profile and get more followers on Instagram. As Warren Buffet said, “Never depend on a single revenue stream.” So why should you depend solely on Instagram’s ranking algorithm to get followers on Instagram?

It may seem like a lot of work at first. But once you’ve gotten the hang of it, it becomes relatively easy. You can also outsource most of these tasks.Before you get back to watching Taylor Swift’s latest clip, let me give you one last method: mentions.

You can agree on different ways of reporting. This could be, for example, regular posts, video post, or story posts.

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There is a reason why I have not mentioned them yet. In my own experience, being mentioned when your account is still small, can be expensive and completely unnecessary.

Of course, you can do S4S (shout for shout) with someone who has similar content and size, even if you both only have 100 subscribers. But in my opinion, it doesn’t make much sense to start promoting other accounts when your own account is still in its infancy. I find it a little off-putting for your subscribers.

However, if you have established a close relationship with someone and their content touches you, your subscribers will also feel more organic. Otherwise, 10k would be a good place to start mentioning.

You can try to make some sort of deal, but most of the time you will have to pay for endorsements. Consult different accounts to get an idea of ​​their value. A mention from an account with 100,000 subscribers can cost you around 50 euros. In addition, the number of new subscribers you will receive from a mention depends on your content, your biography, the number of subscribers, the ratio of subscribers to the number of subscriptions, etc. (see step 2).

To remember :

  1. Establish an online presence outside of Instagram to continuously draw traffic to your account;
  2. Collaborate with other Instagram accounts for mentions.

To conclude

This is how you get followers on Instagram! According to statistics, Instagram now has more than a billion active users per month. It’s massive social proof that people really love.

As a result, it is attracting an increasing number of brands, businesses and freelancers who want to increase their presence and use Instagram as a channel to increase sales. Although it is more difficult than ever to stand out, I am confident that with the help of this guide and your own creativity, you will be ahead of your competitors in no time!

Many marketers will likely disagree with me on this point, but I recently noticed that posting more content doesn’t necessarily make your account grow faster. Engaging with other Instagrammers does it.

At first, I posted twice a day, every day. One week, I only posted about twice, but I was very active on the platform, leaving comments and preferences everywhere, reaching users with whom I would like to collaborate in the future, etc.

The result ?

My engagement has remained more or less the same, but I have gained more daily subscribers than ever before.

The moral of the story is that if you have a tight schedule, don’t stress too much to post more content. Post a few posts a week, but make sure these posts are absolutely great. Use high quality images / videos and write longer captions that are engaging and useful!

To make the content creation process less overwhelming during an already busy week, set aside a few hours at least once a week to prepare a ton of pre-programmed Instagram content. This little “hack” helped me stay sane like nothing else, and the quality of my content didn’t have to suffer from my busy schedule either.

I hope this read was helpful to you and gave you new and more concrete ideas on how to gain followers on Instagram. If you have questions at some point or want to share your successes, you can always send me a message on the telegram channel.

Good luck, have fun!

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