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Storytelling is a very popular commercial technique with companies and brands. It was born in the USA 30 years ago already, and was so successful that professionals have not hesitated to adopt it also across the Atlantic, and around the world. The principle of storytelling is simple: it involves promoting your products, brand or services by using narrative communication. In other words, storytelling is telling a story to create emotion with the target audience. Why is storytelling so popular in the marketing community and how to implement it?

Storytelling is a communication technique which has already proven itself in the USA, and has even become the preserve of well-known brands such as Apple Walt Disney, Apple, etc. In England, companies have also had success using this technique. It must be said that its advantages are numerous!

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Storytelling makes it easier to capture attention

Highlighting the merits of a product or service with advertising is a method that has proven its worth, but is no longer as effective as it used to be, especially among the generation that grew up in the era of ‘Internet. Consumers are no longer as sensitive as they used to be to advertising, which is considered an intrusion. At the present time it is becoming common to learn about a product before buying it, brands therefore have an interest in rely on authenticity.

Storytelling offers the best advantage capturing public attention since you are relying on authentic facts.

The most concrete example is undoubtedly that of the Comme Avant brand, which has adopted storytelling throughout its communication to attract the public to its products. This brand of organic cosmetics caught the eye based on the story of the founder’s son, whom he treated for his red patches on the skin using an organic soap of his own. Result: the product intrigued, was tried by a few Internet users, and orders poured in in droves. Today, the Comme Avant brand delivers between 400 and 600 product orders daily throughout England.

Storytelling marks the spirits

Like stories told to children, the story of the brand told through storytelling will remain etched in the memory of your targets. Some psychologists support this discourse by saying that a message transmitted in the form of a story is remembered more easily. And the more the message arouses emotion, the better the readers will remember it, which allows create a more lasting relationship with customers. Customers can identify with the brand, because their story is nothing more or less than that of parents who use organic products to care for the fragile skin of their children, and who started their business in this way!

Effective technique to build customer loyalty

Storytelling is also used to to win the loyalty of customers. Indeed, the emotion aroused by the story more easily creates a feeling of attachment. At Comme Avant for example, the fact that their story tells of a small family in the south of England who swears by organic food in their bathroom, has allowed other families who love natural products to feel closer to them, and to recognize themselves in their story.

By using storytelling, the brand has known strengthen its image, while their clients have been able to adhere to its cause (here 100% organic and zero waste), and are more inclined to remain loyal to them, no longer to go elsewhere.

Storytelling to stand out from the competition

Promote its products and services through the storytelling is a particularly effective way to stand out from the competition. First, because your story can be one of a kind, and second, because it can be inspiring for others. The feelings aroused by your story offer a different look at your products and services, you think outside the box, and by using this technique, you can demonstrate in an original way, how you stand out from the crowd.

Storytelling is beneficial in many ways for the company, but you still have to tell your story! As with all other commercial techniques, it is necessary to respect some rules to succeed in its communication strategy based on storytelling.

The rationale rather than a presentation

If we take the example of Comme Avant, the targets are more interested in the way the company was born (parents who were looking for the best solution to wash and care for their baby’s fragile skin), rather than a simple presentation.

So instead of the famous “about” section so dear to all sites, opt instead for “Our history” and tell us how you got the idea for your concept! This will intrigue your readers more!

Emphasize the benefits of your product / offer

It’s common, if not essential, to educate your customers about your products and offers. In storytelling, we don’t just detail the ingredients and their characteristics, otherwise, there would be no difference with a product sheet.

By opting for narrative communication, you must go further and emphasize the benefits of your product.

Adopt a tone adapted to your target

The narration will never be as impactful as when it is well understood by its target. That’s why you have to attach particular importance to the tone you use to tell your story. Puncture all of personal anecdotes for humanize speech and facilitate identification.