The weight of words, the shock of photos … and the adventure of storytelling. Storytelling literally means “story telling” and is defined according to the site …

Where does this trend come from?

This trend comes directly from the United States but it has existed since the dawn of time. Since humans have known how to communicate, they tell, they transmit, they explain, but storytelling has never been more important than today. Films, series, novels, comics, video games… are legion every day and all tell a story of which only the medium varies.

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What are the advantages of storytelling…

Human beings remember information more easily when it is part of a story, a story. History has the advantage of marking intellectually but also emotionally, seeing spiritually (it is not for nothing that most religions pass their messages through stories and parables), it is intended to mobilize emotion and create meaning and thus allow the audience to identify themselves, to put themselves in the place of the hero of the stories.

… In marketing?

Storytelling in marketing allows a brand to attract consumers by telling a story, to differentiate itself from its competitors and to emotionally involve the consumer because at present, the products offered, as a rule, are equivalent in term of quality and service. It is therefore necessary to motivate consumers to choose their product rather than that of the competition.

To do this, brands use storytelling to tell their story, their conception from the ground up, their success or to transmit their values ​​through symbolic stories. (Werters, “it all started the day my grandfather gave me my first Werters …”, everyone from Coca …)

Nowadays, we communicate more on a brand, a logo (brand image) than on a product itself (Nike, Apple, Google…). With the air of technology and the Internet, companies invite consumers to embody their brand via in particular online games, as is the case for the mini game created by Mc Donald where the internet user must manage a restaurant from the channel or the TF1 program “Take it or leave it” which invites you to play a candidate. Sports or adventure games, any pretext is good for telling a story.

Using storytelling in marketing is not only for companies and brands, it is also applicable in politics. All politicians tell the story of their childhood, their journey, their grandparents, describe the idyllic world they promise to create to make voters dream.

Testimonials are very important because they bring weight and credit to the statements and the emotional adventures brought by the narrators, whether it be a brand, a politician, a novelist, a film, a video game …

Warning : It is imperative to tell the truth in marketing so as not to lose the confidence of consumers or voters, because in the age of digital technology, everything is known instantly. Although the temptations to embellish facts are numerous, they are extremely dangerous since from this truth flows all the credibility of the narrator.

How to succeed in storytelling?

  • Narrate well : Narrating well is above all about describing well on a dynamic rhythm and staging characters, places, facts …
  • Use the word “imagine”: Using the word “imagine” as you begin your sentences invites the audience to immerse yourself in what you are saying.
  • Remain plausible : Always be plausible, consistent and consistent with personal experience. Avoid saying that you run 40 kilometers per day while you weigh 200kilos.
  • Tell the truth : This is the most important rule in storytelling, if the public learns that they have been lied to, you will lose all credibility and it will be infinitely more difficult for you to recover it than to tell the truth spontaneously.
  • Believe in what we say: How could you sincerely persuade someone to agree with what you say if you yourself do not believe it?
  • Have a good intrigue : You need a good intrigue, riddle, project, or action to do to capture the audience’s attention.
  • A hero put to the test : Use a hero that the audience finds most engaging (you can be that hero) and in marketing, tie the plot to a cause (business value).
  • Speak the language of the audience : Use language that your audience uses and understands. There’s no point in using jurist jargon with an audience of comedians, it just confuses people’s minds and the audience will quickly lose track of your message.
  • Use the scheme for building a literary narrative : In general, the process of building a literary narrative is constructed according to the scheme: initial situation (with the setting of the decoration), appearance of the disturbing element triggering the action,transformative action (the reversal of situation) allowing the overcoming of the difficulty and finally the denouement (the resolution) describing the effects of the disruptive action.

What are the negative points?

The technique of storytelling is criticized for the fact that the rational reasoning of the audience is replaced by storytelling. By listening to a narrator and immersing himself in his world, public opinion is manipulated and thus loses its critical sense.

However, it turns out that the critical sense does not die out so easily. Who has never given a negative opinion on a film or on a brand?

Silvio Cordaro (Personal website, CV Doyoubuzz)