▷ [Stratégie marketing] Uno goes digital to celebrate its 50th anniversary 2021 -

New logo, new slogan, global tournament… Uno (Mattel), the best-selling brand in the games and puzzles category in the first nine months of 2020, plans to turn this brand awareness into a massive digital campaign for celebrate its 50th anniversary …

Uno relies on a digital marketing campaign and exchange

Mattel’s digital campaign will include games and live video, as well as collaborations with well-known names in art, fashion and sport to create a uniquely designed logo.

Webmarketing training

This marketing strategy follows on from the brand’s efforts last year to involve Uno fans on TikTok and Instagram, in the Top 10 most downloaded mobile applications in 2020.

Mattel also hopes to unite the global Uno fan community through a global tournament. According to the company, this will be a great opportunity to engage with consumers and learn more about them if the event turns out to be a success.

It also coincides with the explosion in sales of classic board games as people spend more time at home with the coronavirus pandemic. Remember, after MacDonald’s and its Burger puzzle, Heinz Ketchup also relied on this marketing strategy to boost their notoriety.

A new marketing strategy to continue to please

In addition, the company is one of the marketers who have recently updated their brands in an effort to continue to appeal, especially young consumers with increasing purchasing power, including Generation Z.

Among these major brands, this is the case of Burger King, which has reworked its visual identity (a first in 20 years!) With a marketing campaign also focused on digital, especially social media.