Trustpilot, the leader in customer reviews, conducted a survey of 1,000 consumers to question them about their uses and behaviors in the face of customer reviews. Indeed, we know that 9 out of 10 people consult opinions during a purchasing act, so the impact of customer opinions on purchasing decisions no longer needs to be demonstrated. But so far, there has never been a study analyzing the precise criteria which lead the e-buyer to finalize his purchase, to question it, or even to express himself by writing a review. It’s now done.

Overall rating, number of reviews, freshness of reviews … what criteria are priority for the consumer?

The question is legitimate: not all customer reviews have the same value in the eyes of consumers. It is not enough to collect consumer reviews in general to succeed in its strategy around customer reviews. Many criteria will amplify or reduce their impact, and it is important for any business to work on these points in order to make customer reviews a formidable weapon in their marketing strategy.

Is it the overall score that matters in the first place? The total number of reviews? Or the freshness of the reviews? This study, available for download, provides answers to all of these questions, and will allow you to optimize your customer opinion strategy to build trust with your prospects, by working primarily on the criteria favored by consumers.

What drives a consumer to write a review?

The study deals with the subject of customer reviews through different axes, of which here is the summary:

  • Shopping habits and the importance of reviews;
  • What consumers are looking for;
  • Where and when consumers read reviews;
  • Writing opinions;
  • Types of notices: notices across different sectors;
  • Trust and transparency.

The other question that the study poses is interesting: we often talk about reading reviews, forgetting to pay attention to those who speak to write a review. Indeed, in any strategy of collecting opinions, the main objective is to obtain the greatest number of returns. What makes a user take their time to share their experience? Does he do it spontaneously? By invitation?

For answers to all of these questions, we invite you to download the full Trustpilot study.

Article written in collaboration with Trustpilot