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The marketing influence or influencer relationship makes it possible to create notoriety, and to improve the effectiveness of acquisition campaigns thanks to the prescription of influencers. REECH, an influencer marketing expert, has just released the results of its annual study on the subject. To arrive at this result, 1000 influencers were interviewed in order to draw a complete portrait of today’s influencers. Let’s discover the main results together…

Profile of influencers

The study begins by painting their portrait. Half are between 19 and 30 years old but there is a phenomenon of rejuvenation with increasingly younger influencers. The share of 12-18 year-olds went from 9 to 17.4%. A real progression.

Average age influencers

Despite its central role in organizing content, the blog is only the second favorite network after Instagram, the social media star for the most active influencers.

influencers' favorite social networks

If we look at networks by age group, we see that historical influencers favor Facebook and their blogs while 12-18 year olds are massively on Snapchat. A question of generation.

On Instagram, almost all (95.2%) publish stories, a popular format for both influencers and brands.

If we look at the overall size of the communities (all networks combined), 74% of influencers have between 1,000 and 50,000 subscribers. And those exceeding 100,000 subscribers generally have more than 3 years of seniority (which seems logical).

size community influencers

In terms of the subjects covered, the 3 favorite subjects are lifestyle, fashion and beauty.

topics addressed by influencers

Influencer / brand relationship

The study is also interested in the relationship that influencers can have with brands. 93% of influencers were contacted by brands (including 49.6% from their first 6 months of activity). As part of a first partnership, Instagram is the first platform requested. As of last year, the blog remained the first point of contact.

solicit brand influencers

Attention, you should know that an influencer is generally contacted 1 to 3 times a week (when not daily for the most influential). It is therefore essential for brands to know how to stand out and to have a follow-up of their relationship with influencers.

Especially when you know that one in four responds to all of the brands’ requests.

influencers brands solicitations

To accept a partnership, 3 criteria take precedence: the product offered, the brand’s DNA and making contact.

criteria criteria brand influencer

The remuneration will vary depending on the network chosen and the size of the community, but generally speaking, we see these averages:

brand influence influencers


The study provides other interesting figures to better understand the marketing influence, I strongly recommend reading it. It is available free of charge on the REECH website.

Click here to see the whole study


Article written in collaboration with REECH