▷ Study: the impact of consumer opinions on the online shopping journey 2020 -

Trustpilot, the world leader in customer review platforms, has released the results of its latest study of 1,500 consumers in England to find out more about their online shopping habits. This study also highlights the different possible marketing strategies to meet the new needs of customers. Let’s find out how consumers buy online in 2019.

Researching a product or service before purchasing becomes a crucial step in the customer journey

It is a fact, customer reviews are gaining more and more weight in the act of purchase. Indeed, the Trustpilot study available for download tells us that the consumer will inquire from several sources of information, to decide before purchasing a product or service. And the content generated by other consumers has a big influence on the final decision.

Besides, if potential buyers prioritize consumer feedback, it is because they are more credible to them than all the information available on the web. But how do customers find out? Do they do this systematically for all categories of products or services? What types of information inspire them the most? The survey results published in the study provide answers to all of these questions. They will allow you to adopt an effective marketing strategy in the face of increasingly stiff competition.

Do negative reviews have a direct impact on the company’s e-reputation?

A company’s brand image will depend heavily on customer reviews. It is therefore essential that brands maintain their reputation online, especially when you know that it can be heavily damaged in a few clicks. And negative opinion is sort of the bane of business: a previous study by Trustpilot told us that some customers did not hesitate to express their dissatisfaction to help others. They write a negative opinion above all for the sake of benevolence, in order to warn the community of consumers about a defective product or a disappointing service. As you can see, these criticisms must be taken seriously and treated as a priority.

The free downloadable Trustpilot study explains in detail how negative reviews can influence and how companies should deal with them.

Article written in collaboration with Trustpilot