▷ Study: Too frequent use of social networks would lead to loneliness 2020 -

This is contradictory compared to the term “social” of social network, but the more one would use Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat & co the more the feeling of loneliness would be strong according to a study published in the “American Journal of Preventive Medicine”, decryption …

The study of young American adults shows that too frequent use of social networks is associated with an increase in the feeling of isolation.

If most people use social media to stay connected with loved ones, if used too often, the result would be the opposite with a feeling of being isolated from the real world. And yes, on social networks everyone stages their life to show an ideal aspect, which can accentuate the discomfort of isolated people.

For this study, just over 1,750 people between 19 and 32 years old were asked about their use of 11 social networks. People spending more than two hours a day on Facebook or otherwise would be twice as likely to feel isolated from people spending less than half an hour a day.

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Other figure: participants who visit social platforms more than 58 times per week would triple the perception of isolation compared to those who consult social platforms less than 9 times per week.

Conclusion: occasionally disconnect your social networks and go out for a drink with your friends and remember to leave your mobiles and Facebook notifications at the bottom of your bag!

Source: Mashable