If your business targets young people and the generation of millennials, you probably know, it is almost essential to be on Snapchat and to have appropriate content for this social network with very specific codes. If you’re used to acquiring audiences via Facebook, Twitter & co, growing your audience on Snapchat remains a significant challenge. To help you, here are the results of a study conducted by Snaplytics on a panel of 217,000 snaps, read the article well to the end to draw perfectly the results of this study …

The study analyzed how different types of companies managed to stand out on the social network. We have to tell you bad news, if you were going to use a quick technique to build audience, it doesn’t exist. Snapchat requires an investment of time in order to really develop its visibility.

Work on your notoriety and cross-channel communication

64% of followers find a brand after searching for it in the search engine. You must promote your presence on Snapchat as much as possible through your various communication channels: your other social networks, your website and other media. And the easiest method for that is to use the QR code provided by Snapchat. 25% of new subscribers are via this channel.

Snapchat study: 25% of new subscribers are thanks to the QR code Click to Tweet

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Good news: if the acquisition is complicated, the commitment is there. 54.8% of new followers view stories each time a brand publishes on Snapchat. It’s a bit the opposite of Facebook where it’s easy to recruit fans but much less to reach and engage them.

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Optimizing Snapchat Stories

The study also brings a lot of interesting data to develop the visibility of its stories. It is recommended to publish two to three stories per week. It also shows that most publications are made from Thursday to Saturday. It may therefore be wise to publish on Monday or Tuesday so as not to be faced with too strenuous competition.

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Snapchat study: It is recommended to publish two to three stories per week Click to Tweet

In terms of publication, your stories must contain between 6 and 12 snaps. Of course the results are disparate depending on the field of activity and the subject you are tackling.

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The types of content to publish on Snapchat

As elsewhere on the web, the trend is towards video. The study finds a gradual increase in video format at the expense of conventional photo format. 61% of brand content studied highlighted video. But again, it all depends on your industry. The study shows that brands highlighting static products (Luxury, Food, Fashion …) prefer photos while others benefit from video (Beauty, Entertainment, Information …).

As in any online acquisition lever, the key to success lies in testing. Test different timings, content, formats to bring out the most appreciated by your audience.

If you are interested in the subject, I invite you to read the study published on SnapLytics.

And you, did you start on Snapchat? What was the strategy implemented for your brand? If you have led an innovative strategy, do not hesitate to contact us to share your experience via a future article.

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