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Did you know that Facebook had 2.13 billion monthly users? Today, the social network and its advertising platform have become precious allies for e-merchants. But beware, to get returns on investments, it is essential to master Facebook Ads. Advertising formats, targeting, seasonality for investing, retargeting … The white paper offered by Nosto will give you the keys to success

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nicola -rouxTo produce this document and provide you with the most relevant advice possible, Nosto partnered with Nicolas Roux, expert in advertising strategy on Facebook and former Key Account Manager at Facebook.

You will get valuable advice on how to properly structure your advertising strategy!

And especially :

– When to invest on Facebook. The study shows that certain months of the year are more effective in terms of ROI.

roas medium facebook ads

– How to balance your budgets between acquisition and retargeting according to your purchasing journey.

cpa retargeting facebook

– How to choose the right audiences to achieve your goals.

– Which formats to use…

You will see, the analysis is very documented, you will access statistics that will allow you to better understand the impact of these different elements on your performance.

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Article written in collaboration with Notsto