▷ Take advantage of universal research 2020 -

The official blog of Google returns to universal search and offers some tips to take advantage of universal search and personalized search to get more traffic on its website…

4 subjects are covered: localized search, the video search, the custom search and the image search.

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1 – Localized search : The first thing to do is to add its activity to the local business center (for more details, see the following post: Add your company or its points of sale in Google Maps) You will have to be careful to fill in the activity category of your company so that it appears in the good search results . Do not hesitate to fill in as much information as possible: opening hours, image …

2 – Video search : We often wonder how to specify the thumbnail image representing the video, just use the video-specific sitemaps protocol (see post A Sitemap for indexing videos by Google Video Search for more details).

3 – The custom search : Google says, first, that custom search only slightly changes the order of results, so webmasters don’t have to worry about possible loss of positioning. To take advantage of this development, Google advises to target the niches by talking about very specific subjects, it gives the example of the history of Haitian music preferable to the subject of music in general (not always easy to stay in a subject also closed). Certain searches are personalized in relation to the geographical location, so be sure to provide your geographic target in the local business center.

4 – The image search : Some images are filtered by SafeSearch. If you consider that your images are filtered when they should not be, a contact form is available to you here.

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For my part, I have already tested image optimization (classic) and the addition of a network of agencies via the local business center, the results are difficult to measure but it certainly did not hurt the site traffic…

And you have you tested specific optimizations for universal search?