The sustainability of your business is in the hands of the customer. To succeed in satisfying it, the quality of your Customer Service is essential. To ensure perfect service, your support agents respond to requests on a daily basis. The ease of management of these tasks and the responsiveness of the teams are important. The solution Freshdesk allows you to globally manage your Customer Service, your teams will be able to focus on the essential: helping the customer.

Integrate your existing communication tools into a single software

No communication tool has been forgotten. The software allows you to trace and follow all the requests of your customers in the different communication channels. You will be able to centralize requests in the same place. Each response will be followed up and your customers will have quick feedback on their questions.

Manage social media requests

Social networks are now full-fledged communication tools. The solution allows you to group your interactions on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram in a single dashboard. Piloting them will become a breeze, customer inquiries will be answered almost instantly.

Reduce the number of tickets created

Freshdesk goes beyond ticket processing, it analyzes the type of ticket received, sorts them and directs your customers to the FAQ when they can answer them. In addition, a machine can also be set up and respond to the most frequent requests. Your agents will gain in reactivity and time and will be able to concentrate on the projects to be developed.

Automate repetitive tasks

You can simplify the management of the support center by using the automations feature. For example, you can set up automations to automatically assign tickets to the right agent or automatically close tickets marked as resolved after a certain period of time.

Collect customer reviews more easily

To facilitate the collection of customer opinions, the software integrates the management of satisfaction surveys within tickets. The agent has the option of submitting a satisfaction form after a ticket is resolved, and the customer receives a link that allows them to note the processing of their request.

This allows you to react quickly if a customer is unhappy to avoid losing them.

Analyze statistics to improve your customer service

Freshdesk incorporates the analytical tools necessary to better understand how your customer service works. You have pre-established reports on a wide variety of criteria such as individual agent performance, ticket resolution rate, volume of tickets received, and more. You can also create custom reports on the criteria that interest you.

Manage on-site interventions

To go even further in customer service management, you also have an intervention management module that facilitates collaboration between support agents and intervention agents. In particular, agents can schedule technicians’ appointments, communicate customer information to them and have visibility into their progress during their on-site interventions.

Thanks to these multiple features, Freshdesk is a complete and innovative tool to optimize customer service management. Certified Freshdesk partner, Blue note systems supports you from the demonstration to the start-up of the solution by offering all the solution implementation services as well as unlimited assistance: To know more

Article written in collaboration with Blue note systems