▷ Telework: a technological resource accessible to all companies 2020 -

The teleworking is a subject treated on numerous occasions, nevertheless it is time to approach this theme from a more basic perspective for some who are not familiar with this modality, but above all, for those who do not yet know all the basic benefits it can bring, such as the technological resources essential to its application and the fact that it is within the reach of any entrepreneur …

The digital age has opened the door to a wide range of possibilities in many areas. The environment in which we design our world has completely changed: from our personal life, marked by an almost total interconnection through mobile phones and social networks, to a new professional perspective fostered by the internet.

Internet addiction regardless of the size of a business is almost maximal today. The Internet is a source of opportunities and possibilities despite the abuses that it can sometimes entail. The ways of participating in a business, of working as a team, have multiplied in recent years; those which predominate in the news are inevitably: the sale by Internet, the massive exchanges of data etc.

In this perspective, the digital era has empowered companies to protect themselves from a multitude of tools that have made exchange in work delivery more versatile. We can talk today about a concept like telecommuting.

Telework is based on the possibility that the different workers of a company can do their work remotely, without having to be physically present at the workplace. The concept is simple, the company does not need a physical unit, unique and inseparable: each employee, depending on their needs, can work from different places with the same functionality.

This development is possible mainly through two means: Internet and the advanced telecommunications solutions who manage to connect two or more people in real time.

  • The Internet is a whole. That is both the possibility of exchanging data and information through messaging services, immediate consultations, access to networking platforms, etc. It is possible that different workers in different places share information in real time, update the company’s database without losing any information, and ultimately take the professional action of the company to a higher level of integration.
  • A more specific means of teleworking is the possibility of working with advanced telecommunication services. Currently, with cloud telephony, it is the company may be able to distribute its communications and calls over different telephone lines in multiple locations, even in multiple countries. Switchboard solutions provide a corporate unit image for the caller, while also making it easier and more flexible for the enterprise to manage its calls independently.
  • Telework, well orchestrated, refers professionals to a reduction in their investment costs increasing, at the same time, effectiveness and added value of its operation. However, most companies prefer to trust traditional formulas, limiting the use of virtual numbers.

Telework as a singular example of world 2.0 involves certain risks, but it is obvious that the lack of change in these companies, which deliberately bypass the various possibilities that today offer the most advanced technologies, inevitably jeopardizes their future.