Marketing automation is one of the essential allies of marketers. By automating marketing actions based on the profile and actions of prospects and customers, it can significantly improve ROI. Currently, there are many specialized platforms and it is important to choose the right one that best suits your needs. Today, we are offering you an ActiveTrail test.

The features offered by ActiveTrail

ActiveTrail offers you to find in the same interface tools for:

  • Manage your emailing campaigns;
  • Create automation scenarios;
  • Send SMS campaigns;
  • Create polls
  • Connect any system of your choice (Zapier, Facebook, etc.);
  • And create landing pages.

The possibility of creating landing pages directly from its emailing tool saves time and has the advantage of connecting the data from the emailing database to that collected on the landing page in order to cross-check and optimize it more fine. It is good to note this because very often it is necessary to take both an emailing / automation tool and another for the creation of landing pages.

In terms of email marketing, we will find classic options: sending emails and newsletters, email templates available … And more advanced options like predictive sending that lets you send the campaign when your subscribers are most likely to open, AB Testing and customizing content based on subscriber profiles.

Finally, for the marketing automation part, you have at your disposal a visual tool that allows you to create effective scenarios based on the actions of your subscribers.

The email marketing and landing page functions are well thought out and effective. For this test, I suggest you focus on the automation options where ActiveTrail has real added value.

But before that, you can discover a small presentation of the tool in video:

Marketing automation tool: the test

When creating your marketing automation series, you will be able to play with several triggers.

You can thus personalize the messages according to these triggers:

  • Filling out a form:
  • Opening of a campaign;
  • Click on a campaign link;
  • Adding a contact to a specific group;
  • Unsubscribe;
  • Birthday ;
  • Or action on the website.

Example : A tour operator wants to set up automated emails based on the behavior of the user on his site. He will be able to qualify his prospects by adding them to groups according to the pages they visit and then send them personalized emailings.

An Internet user visiting pages in the circuit category can be added to the “circuit” group and then receive the corresponding offers.

Another internet user who clicked on 4 links related to activities in Barcelona will be automatically added to the “Barcelona” group and will receive the campaign with promotions on this destination…

There are many possibilities. In practice to use the actions on a site as a trigger, you just have to install a code on all of its pages (as you have been able to do for Google Analytics or other).

Note that for e-merchants, Activetrail connects to the main tools: from Prestashop to Shopify, via Magento. In this case, you can send campaigns for cart abandonments, to send discount coupons based on purchasing behavior, or to do upselling and cross-selling.

But back to our sheep, let’s see how the tool actually works!

Implementation of a marketing automation scenario

The automation creation tool is very visual. You can create your scenario by simply dragging and dropping. Example: at registration the contact will receive a welcome email. If the email is opened a second email will be sent 2 days after offering him a surprise. Conversely, if the email has not been opened, an SMS will be sent.

Each element can be configured as you see fit. You can add conditions, here we use the condition “opening the welcome email”, as well as timers, 1 minute to send the welcome email and 2 days before sending the rest of the campaign.

marketing automation scenario

This type of tool allows you to give free rein to your imagination to develop a custom automation scenario.

Among the actions that can be added to your scenario, we find:

  • Sending email;
  • Sending SMS;
  • Updating the contact to qualify it;
  • Sending an alert to a member internally (example if the prospect performs such an action and is qualified as a hot prospect, an email is sent to the sales representative so that the prospect is called back);
  • The addition of various and varied conditions;
  • The implementation of split testing.

Throughout the scenario, the prospect can be qualified and the messages can be personalized according to this qualification.

In short, the tool has all the functionality one would expect for this type of campaign. It is also very easy to use.

Marketing automation solution pricing

When you take out a subscription, you access all of the tool’s functionalities: automation of course, but also email marketing and landing pages. In short, you have in one solution all the arsenal of the perfect marketer 🙂

The packages are based on the number of contacts you have on the base. The first starts at € 9 per month for 500 contacts. You also have a 15% reduction by choosing the annual plan which starts the subscription at € 7 per month in this case.

Some examples of rates with the annual option:

tariff marketing automation tool

If you compare to Mailchimp, one of its competitors, the prices are much more accessible and in addition you have the tool for creating landing pages and much more sophisticated automation options. If you already have a subscription from a competitor, then it’s worth comparing.

It’s your turn !

If you want to take action and create an efficient automation scenario too, ActiveTrail offers a 30-day free trial.

The tool provides you with many tutorials to easily set up your campaigns. Their guide to marketing automation is particularly well supplied, you can read it here (it will also give you a better view of the possibilities).

Click here to test ActiveTrail for free

Article written in collaboration with ActiveTrail