▷ Test the loading time of your site on Google Webmaster Tools 2020 -

A new tool has been launched on Google tools for webmaster. This allows you to test how quickly your site is displayed. Google recently announced that the loading time of a site is now part of the positioning criteria for natural referencing, all the more reason to follow this indicator carefully …

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Objective: to make the web faster…

For several months, Google has set itself the goal of making the web faster, a vast ambition … After announcing that it will give priority to fast sites in its ranking, it is entirely logical that the engine offers a tool to track performance of its site and to identify elements that can be improved.

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Site performance to monitor the performance of your site…

It is in this context that Google launches its “Site performance” tool in Google webmaster tools. The data is collected via the users of the Toolbar, as soon as the engine has enough statistics on the site, it displays them. Some sites with low traffic will therefore have to wait for the engine to collect enough data before accessing this information.

The service is still in development at Google, so the information will be more provided in a few months. The main interest of this tool lies in the personalized advice given to improve the performance of the site. These are now counted for SEO, I advise you to follow them more carefully.

I looked at these stats for CWT Advertising & co’m and a priori the site is slow, the pages load in 9.9 seconds on average… I will try to follow some advice but unfortunately, a lot of loadings are due to WordPress and to the different plugins running the blog… If some of you have suggestions to make the blog run faster I am interested 🙂

In parallel, Google offers a Firefox plugin to analyze page by page performance. This can help take optimization a step further.

Source: Google Webmaster Central Blog