▷ The 10 best performing brand posts on Facebook last week 2020 -

Welcome to our weekly meeting which reveals the best publications from the past week on Facebook by brands. As every week, we unveil the lucky elected officials who knew how to engage the most fans on their publications last week…

Managing communities on social networks involves questions of content creation, distribution or performance. Brands, today faced with visibility issues, are obliged to tell their story and share their values ​​through their content.

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The distribution of this content, necessarily passing through social networks, is confronted with the ability to go and have the desired reach. Not a single week goes by without the Facebook reach evolving, making nothing easier to read the meanders of the distribution of posts in users’ newsfeed.

Among the various tools available to understand the mechanics of viralization of content, it seems essential to us to carry out regular monitoring. Therefore, taking a look at the publications that work best can only enrich the knowledge in this area. We make it possible to monitor best practices and take advantage of this powerful content.

Like every week, with the help of our Social Media monitoring tool, we are offering you the list of branded content that has won the greatest support of Facebook fans. LDLC, Disneyland Paris, Château de Versailles…: 10 content selected for their interactions (likes, comments, sharing) from a panel of more than 1,000 brands, sharing content in French.




LDLC is heating the meters this week. Nearly 70k likes, 95k shares and 174k comments. Who says better ? ? To achieve this, the brand put into play an endowment of almost 14,000 euros, with a mechanism based on the commentary and lots added according to the number of shares. LDLC also includes the possibility of increasing your chances by participating on Twitter and Instagram. Malin.

Disneyland Paris


Simply put, Disneyland shares with its followers exclusive photos of the arrival of snow at the amusement park. Despite the cold, fans adhere!



An amazing photo of the Japanese cherry blossoms at this cool time of the year. What surprise (and engage) fans of the online comparison site.

Castle of Versailles


Very nice shots of the French gardens of the Castle under the snow gathered in an album enchant fans of the Sun King monument.



The German automaker knows how to warm the hearts of its fans with a fan-shared photo with the hashtag #VWetmoi for more branding. We note that the brand responds with distributed comments.


Playstation France

The Sony console releases the warm blue and launches a contest around the game Shadow of the Colossus. Like and comments are necessary for participation, in order to win endowments around the game.



Easyvoyage gives priority to everyone on Facebook with a second post in this top 10. The website engages its fans around the beauty of the city of Saint Petersburg in the snow.

Savoie Mont Blanc


The Savoie Mont Blanc Tourist Office clears the likes counters with a photo revealing the beauties of the region: the snow of the mountains and the view of Lake Annecy. Great visibility with this shot originally made by a regional influencer.



Cdiscount warms its fans with its recognizable sense of humor and quirky tone. The participation of a cat is also not unrelated to the performance of the publication.



Easyvoyage is hot like hot coals in this ranking. A lovely invitation to swim under the sun and the waterfalls of Croatia. The short video format and the engaging grip generate the expected interactions.

Thank you for your time. We will prepare a new high-level selection for you next week!