▷ The 10 commandments to generate qualified leads in real estate 2020 -

Your site has been active for some time and attracts many visitors. One question intrigues you, however: how to exploit this traffic to generate useful leads and convert them? Discover the 10 practical recommendations for generate qualified leads…

# 1 opt for premium content

If there is an action that will be most likely to generate leads qualified on your site is the integration of premium content (or useful as they say). This high value-added content (ebook, white papers, practical sheets, etc.) is the one you will have to provide and offer free of charge to your leads in exchange for their contact details.

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# 2 Integrate interactive content

To get the engagement of Internet users, you must capture their attention through the integration of interactive content into your site. It is concretely about generating leads with videos, infographics, animations and quizzes among others.

# 3 Do not neglect the aesthetic and ergonomic aspect of your site

Your website reflects the digital identity of your company, it must be faithful to the image that you want to convey and transmit to your target prospects. The design should not contradict your visual identity. On the ergonomic side, the browsing experience also counts: speed of page loading time, quick access to your multiple offers …

# 4 Highlight your expertise

Upon arrival on your website, the user must be able to successfully identify your offers in seconds. An attractive website must necessarily be able to convert and therefore generate qualified leads. Create a blog to share your know-how, to stand out and especially to encourage your visitors to seek to join you.

# 5 Integrate impactful Call-To-Action buttons

Certain purchasing paths, for example in real estate, are often long. The time between the date of the first contact and that of the appointment can take several weeks, even months. Design call-to-action buttons on strategic locations on your site to entice prospects to discover your offers and introduce them into your conversion tunnel.

# 6 Design short contact forms

A real tool for transforming visitors into leads, the forms allow you to enter into direct contact with them. To guarantee a good conversion rate on your website, you will need to optimize your forms. Keep them simple and short, keeping the main part of the fields as the main element.

# 7 Multiply your landing pages

Landing pages allow visitors to glean contact information via a contact form. A landing page is a web page on which the user lands after clicking on a link (call-to-action, mailing link, banner ad link, etc.).

# 8 Include social media on your site

More than 65% of Internet users consult customer testimonials and the ratings assigned by them to test the credibility of your online services. Know how to take advantage of this parameter to generate leads on your website.

# 9 Analyze the conversion rate of each traffic channel

It is difficult to measure the strengths and weaknesses of a communication strategy without the right tools. The advantage of inbound marketing is precisely that it allows you to continuously analyze the results of your actions. In addition to conventional tools such as Google Analytics or XITI to analyze the conversion rate of each traffic channel, you can also acquire more powerful tools like Hubspot.

# 10 Integrate Community Management into your inbound strategy

Your prospects interact with their peers when they connect. They communicate, ask for opinions, share content and exchange on many subjects. To attract qualified prospects to your site, you will have to search for them where they are, identify which channels they prefer to communicate and exploit all of them.