▷ The 10 most pleasant brand posts on Facebook last week 2020 -

Like every week, we have prepared for you a top 10 of the best publications posted on Facebook by brands. What brands have intoxicated the Facebook algorithm? The answer in this article !

Last week was marked by the release of “Mission Impossible 6” at the cinema, but also of the night of the stars and the days of beer and fries, enough to delight fast-food brands! You can also find our marketing calendar for July, August and September 2018! Have brands taken advantage of this to focus their communication on star constellations and trays of fries for holidaymakers? We will surely have some answers in this top 10!

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Like every week, thanks to our Social Media monitoring platform, we offer you the list of branded content that has been the most interactive on Facebook. 10 contents were selected for their interactions (likes, comments, shares) from a panel of more than 1,000 brands sharing in French.




The beginning of August marks the passing of the baton between the Julianists who took advantage of the holidays and the Augustians who take over! The CM of Kinder Bueno illustrated this crossover very well by staging its flagship product on the holiday route. Result: nearly 40k interactions! ?



As we told you in the introduction to this article, last week was marked by Night of the Stars. The Airbnb page, which is more in the habit of sharing good accommodation plans, took the opportunity to publish these simply breathtaking visuals! ??



Ladies, Jennyfer has made a big splash with her new summer collection. More than 20k fans validated this selection of clothes and probably fell for it before going on vacation! ?



We all know a colleague who had a 3 week vacation all of a sudden when we stay all summer at the office. This is surely what happened for the CM of Cdiscount who shares his feelings with this humorous video of Mister Bean! ?



The Savoie Mont Blanc page has accustomed us to mountain visuals, but this week it’s a baby marmot who is in the spotlight. The CM of the page asked his fans to choose a first name and more than 3,000 people gave their ideas. We will retain among the most popular names: Milka, Milkette, Grignotte, Noisette, Cracotte, Quenotte or Marmottine. And you, what name would you have given to this baby groundhog?



Easyvoyage offers us its new recipe: highlight one of the wonders of the world in this case Machu Picchu in Peru and add a llama, a majestic animal and you have your video that hit the headlines this week with more than 200,000 views! ???



O’Tacos that we had lost sight of in recent weeks comes back in force with a visual worthy of a “pornfood” page, namely a tray filled with tacos! Enough to gargle the sell of its fans with its O’fondue range. ??



This is a much more representative visual of what we are used to seeing with the Savoie Mont Blanc page. Admiring this mountain lake is the ultimate reward for a hiker! We no longer want to go back down and we would like to stay there all day! ⛰



Last week, Toyota rose to 2nd place in our top 10 with a visual that announced the start of the Rally Finland and the entry of its drivers who were driving at home. The result this week is more than positive with the final victory of one of its pilots and the 3rd place of the local of the Jari-Marri Latvala stage! ??



We finish the top 10 on a salty touch with this post from McDonald’s which announces good news to its fans: the return of the 280! The war between the Original and the Pepper Sauce is launched to the delight of fans of the brand. ??

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Thanks for reading. See you next week for a new collection of the best Facebook posts, sorted for you.