▷ The 13 excuses behind which serious bloggers are not hiding 2020 -

That’s it. You decided to spend more time on your blog. Excellent news ! You receive the newsletter from CWT Advertising & co’m (if you don’t, serious mistake). You read dozens of quality articles from different authors. In fact, you’ve been thinking about it for a while. You timidly told your friends about it. But your turtle already knows a lot more about your projects, because you don’t yet really dare to take on your project. And, so far, you haven’t started yet! Why ?

The list of things that are holding you back may be very long. You don’t have the time, the money, the ideas, the inspiration, the confidence …

In fact, in blogging as in all areas, you can find any excuse.

So you confide in your brave companion and swear to him that once you are ready, with a hell of a potato and thousands of ideas you will start! As your turtle is nice, she doesn’t say anything. She chews. But you can see in her oviparous eyes that she knows you are lying to her and, worse, that you are lying to yourself.

So, you who are behind this screen reading these lines and impatiently waiting for the list of 13 excuses behind which serious bloggers are not hiding, move !

Because you think you are the only one who is tired and has moods?

The only one to doubt? To say that the content you create, does anyone care?

Don’t you think that there are a lot of us who free up a niche in the morning before starting to work on our other activities?

Even the best bloggers have encountered and still face obstacles. Ask Sylvain if he didn’t see himself in his early days (hey! It’s a good idea to post!).

There will always be something in your way. And most of the time, this obstacle, it’s you alone who drops it, that puts you in the way. All the bloggers of the planet meet these problems which you consider insurmountable.

So, now that you realize that, it will be time to find your faithful turtle and tell him that these problems or obstacles (name them what you want), they are in fact only excuses. And that excuses, it’s over! You will see how happy she will be (or not, a turtle is still quite still).

Now, make way for the thirteen most used reasons for finding excuses and not realizing your dream of living from your blog.

The 13 excuses behind which serious bloggers are not hiding

If you used some of them to procrastinate and not take action, I hope your mood will have changed a bit by the end of the article!

1. You have nothing new to contribute

We start with a great classic.

If you walk around the web, you have surely noticed that the same subjects are treated again and again, with more or less talent. This is true for all areas and especially for web marketing, where you find the same subjects copied-reworked-pasted on a bunch of sites.

Do you think that scares those who are already in place? Do you think real web marketers just copy and paste what they find on the web? Or say they have nothing new to contribute?

But if everyone thought that, no one would speak!

It was André Gide who said “Everything has already been said”. And again, that, I had read in a Beigbeder book. And maybe Gide wasn’t the first to release it. Who knows.

Everything has been said, perhaps. But the way you see it, like a content strategy or how to use Twitter, it is up to you and you probably have another vision or new advice to offer.

No one has the same experience as you, the same feelings. Nobody has read the books and articles that you have read, which inspired you, which shaped the way you see things.

If you know your subject, don’t be afraid to write about what inspires you, putting all your heart into it and taking care of your style, , ar what will come out will be unique and different.

2. You are way too busy to blog

Ha bah there my friend, if you say that to yourself, I can’t do anything for you.

You released the ultimate argument.

I do not have time.

Reread the sentence above. To not have time. This sentence means absolutely nothing.

You are alive, so you have 24 hours a day, like everyone else. And these 24 hours, you do what you want with it. Videos of kittens on Facebook, friends, children, sport, family, etc. Everyone manages their time as they see fit.

But everyone has time. 86,400 seconds per day to be precise.

So if “the others” have time to blog, write, offer content to their audience, I don’t see why you shouldn’t have it.

Do you usually get up at 7:00? Get up at 6:30 a.m. Better. 6h! Leave your cell phone in airplane mode. Your mind will be fresh. Drink a glass of water and start writing. At least 500 words. No. 750!

And you will see, the more you write, the easier it will be for you, so the faster you will go.

So find time. createsand start writing your articles.

3. Not now, this is not the right time

Maybe your turtle (still it!) Is sick and you want to wait until it gets better before you start.

Or do you think it is wiser to save a little more money (have you even looked at the ridiculous prices of one autoresponder and website hosting?!).

In fact, whenever you tell yourself that you are attacking tomorrow, this weekend, or at the beginning of the month, you always find an excuse. Apologies, that’s what’s missing. It’s very easy to find. And if you wait until your life is under absolute control, without any problems or problems to manage, you can wait a long time!

Even if the conditions are not perfect, make the daily effort to devote a little of your time and your reflection to your blog project. It might just be an article idea, or take 30 minutes to figure out a new feature in your tone. autoresponder.

If you are motivated to make a living from your online business, then keep in mind that there is a long way to go and that every little bit done is always a step closer to doing!

Keep in the corner of your head this Chinese proverb: “A journey of a thousand leagues always begins with a first step”. This will help you always take a little extra step, as tiny as it is.

4. You are too tired

This one too, we know it well!

Maybe you recognize yourself in this koala which rests quietly?

Our “classic” daily life is merciless. The famous metro-work-dodo that squeezes everyone without exception. The only thing you want to do once at home is sit on the couch and watch the latest Game Of Thrones.

This excuse does not hold. Perhaps the most lousy on the list!

First, because you’re going to have to wait at least a year before finding the white walkers and dragons (something tells me it’s going to beat up a lot).

Then and above all, because you have to remember why you decide to embark on this goal. If you decide to Actually commit and go get what you set for yourself, cost what it costs, you should have no trouble finding this energy that will drive you everyday.

So take a breath, review your priorities and restart the machine. The first 10 minutes may be complicated, but then you will find that the motivation and inspiration have returned.

The key is to create a daily habit that will move you forward, slowly but surely.

5. People will not like your opinions

Managing your blog is often a very personal matter. Even if we are now far from the time of Skyblog (phew!). Your blog is not your personal diary, but you are going to publish dozens of posts and write tens of thousands of words. Or post decoration, fashion, health images, lifestyle.

Anyway, you will inevitably expose your opinions, opinions and tastes.

Nothing is more boring than a technical article, cold and soulless.

And this moment of hesitation that you have when you click on “publish”, this slight increase in anxiety, do not worry, everyone has experienced it. It’s a pretty common feeling, especially when you get started.

And I’m ready to bet that even the heroes of blogging like Neil Patel or Gina Trapani have known these little moments that make you want to go hide under the duvet.

Write and publish your article (you take care of it ok ?!). If nobody likes it (which will not happen), you will have lost nothing. You may not please as many, but some people will identify with this post, appreciate it and may even ask for more (it will have to be promoted, but that’s another story) .

If some negative feedback discourages you, tell yourself that even a negative response is positive. You can use it to improve yourself.

Writing is power you never imagined.

Even yours will have the ability to make your readers react.

6. Everyone is already writing about it

Imagine that you want to write and share your knowledge about bodybuilding.

If you are already in this industry, you have already spent time on YouTube and Google and you may have noticed, half-amused, half-horrified, that much of what you find online is catastrophic.

Everyone has their vision of bodybuilding. Some people just want to bleed their arms. Others have a softer approach. And a small number will squarely freak out on your back if you follow their advice.

So yes, “everyone” is already writing about it, it is dizzying. But above all it means two things:

  • The first is that even more people are interested in this subject. Otherwise, there would not be this amount of posts, videos, articles, podcasts, etc. ;
  • The second is that you have a game to play. You master your subject. You know you will bring quality and expertise. So don’t be afraid of the competition and show what you can do.

7. You don’t know where to start

This is it, you have found time to start! Good game.

So you started by listing everything you have to do. And you’re already dizzy.

Find content ideas, analyze the subjects of your niche, create your free gift, the opt-in page, the home page, start being present on social networks, etc.

How are you going to be able to scratch all these things ?! Your motivation becomes feverish again.

The best way to advance on this list and to choose the tasks according to your mood of the moment :

Fresh out in the morning, you may prefer to focus on writing content. At the end of the afternoon, if you feel your inspiration at half mast you will no longer dare to compare items that work well. Calm down in your bed before falling asleep will be a good time to read a book or think about the best strategy to put in place and put it on paper.

The most important thing is to get started and not run out of ideas, or run out of ideas about what to do next. But if you really get started, this situation shouldn’t happen to you!

8. You are afraid of the gaze of others

There are several types of people to avoid when you get started:

  • People who are not mean, but who will not understand what you are trying to do. They will think that you have taken a fad, and that it does not seem very serious in any case. You don’t care about their opinion. You don’t have to justify yourself;
  • The jealous people who will try to disparage you and put your morale at zero at the slightest opportunity. Absolutely to flee! And to identify quickly, because, unfortunately, this type of people can find themselves in your circle of close friends.

Deliver them. You don’t need negative waves, on the contrary. Explain what you would like to do to your friends and see their reaction. If they support you and encourage you, use their positive energy. If they don’t understand you, it’s okay. If they try to discourage you, stop dating them.

One of the keys to success is to surround yourself with good people, that is to say positive, playful, altruistic and loving. A good entourage is important to keep you motivated and on track.

9. What if you fail?

That’s right, what if it doesn’t work?

We hadn’t thought about that before. If in doubt then, it is better not to start.

No, but are you okay ?! Did you know that 100% of those who never started failed? I am not a statistician, but confirm that this stat is true. QED.

“The biggest failure is not having the courage to dare.” This sentence is magnificent and it is signed Abbé Pierre.

If you don’t start, what are the chances that you will realize your dreams, that you will reach your goals? Zero.

If you start, you immediately switch to the realm of the possible. You set the universe in motion to make it happen. And above all, you move your ass!

The fear of failing is not admissible. Often you will realize that doing the actions is actually less worse than imagining the same action. That the idea that we have actions that we must take is often much worse than reality.

It is due to the reptilian part of your brain which does not want to be disturbed, is against any change (because the change induces the unknown, therefore fear) and yells in your ears “courage, run away! “.

So what you are going to answer him is that you are not a lizard and that you are going to run like a big one!

And to finish convincing you, I finish with the second stat ’which is going well: 100% of those who have succeeded have taken action. 100%.

10. You still have to learn

That’s it, you are motivated and read everything that goes on the subject. Visit the top blogs in your category. Read several books at the same time. Take notes. Lots of notes. Your inbox is riddling with emails, because you signed up everywhere to collect the free gifts that interested you.

You learn a lot of things. It’s cool ! You now understand better the principle of an email sequence, an opt-in page, backlinks, content marketing.

But suddenly, with all that, you still haven’t got your hands dirty.

So you still don’t know how to link your opt-in page to your autoresponder and send out your welcome email automatically. You still haven’t written guest articles. You have not yet developed a working methodology.

I don’t blame you. I have been there. For four months I read everything that was possible, listened to webinars, studied the articles of top bloggers.

And I didn’t do anything concrete. Admittedly, I learned many things, but I did not relate them to the practice. And nothing can replace practice. The more you write, the more fluid your style will become. The more you hack with your software to build opt-in pages and dirty pages, the faster you will go and master the tool. The more you write, the more your style will become more fluid.

Nothing can replace experience. Practice will move you forward and make you better. You still have to learn, it’s true, but you will spend your life learning and that’s good. You’ll only get better.

In September I launched an Instagram challenge of one video per day for thirty days. I have no experience with video. My audience is rather thin. But it wasn’t important. The goals were to have a challenge, make it happen, become more comfortable in front of the camera and come up with content ideas. Objectives achieved!

So keep learning from experience. You will make mistakes, correct them and progress.

11. You have no good ideas

This is perhaps one of the most commonly accepted excuses in blogging. Is it therefore admissible?

You found your positioning and your ideal client, excellent. But now you’re wondering how the hell you’re going to be able to find so many ideas to offer your audience until the end of your life (just that).

The good habit to adopt here is to always have something close to you to take notes: a small pocket notebook with your pen or, of course, your smartphone.

There are times in the day when your brain creates a barrage of ideas – more or less good, you see! It would be silly to let them slip away.

I know, for example, that I have a little notebook on my bedside table, because my brain gives me ideas when it is in the sleep preparation phase. I write them down and review them the next day.

Well, some are not terrible, I admit it. But ideas bring ideas and this habit is great for creating a creative spiral.

Another source of inspiration is to see what other big bloggers in your niche are doing. If you read English a little, go read the Anglo-Saxon blogs. The quality is incredible and in abundance.

But beware, it’s about finding inspiration and not to plagiarize. Plagiarist is bad, it brings no value and you are sure to be grilled.

No, you just have to find a few angles of attack, add your expertise and use your own words.

12. You don’t have the budget for

If you are making this excuse, it’s because you’re still a long way from taking action or even starting to show some semblance of interest.

Why ? Because launching an online business today doesn’t cost literally almost nothing. What do you need to invest in to get started? Hosting your blog, a theme that is professional enough, an autoresponder to manage your list, a tool for creating landing pages. If you smooth these expenses over a year (because some are monthly), you should easily be able to get by for less than € 100 / month.

Now find out how to start a restaurant, a bike rental business, or become a plumber. And asks what are the investments to be made to get started. We happily exceed 100 € / month right?

Little advice on the fly: when your salary falls, automatically put 10% aside. You dedicate them to your project. No matter what you earn, you are easily on a new budget!

13. “I can’t have a pool! “

So much the better! If you are ready to go, you know that means that you will spend many hours with your buttocks on a chair. Ideally, you need an activity where you can exercise, sweat and clear your head.

Swimming is great, but avoid putting on your swimming trunks during your blogging niches 😉


The world of blogging is not easy. Like all jobs in the end. Because it’s a real job, and moreover, there is no guaranteed income when you start and try to make your mark.

But if it is really what you want to do – make a living from your blog and online business – then go for it. No more sorry excuses. No more whining. Reread this article. Better yet, visit my blog and start the exercises I have created to help you set your goals and get you started on your online business journey.

All these bloggers who have visits to fart Google Analytics are rich, beautiful and famous. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a little bit. They all have their style, their history, their way of viewing blogging. But they all have one thing in common: they did not hide behind these excuses.

It’s up to you to do the same!