Semantic and technical analysis, optimization, netlinking … To carry out a site optimization project for natural referencing, it is necessary to use tools to be effective. Discover a selection of 20 tools to support you at each stage of the referencing of your site…

Semantic study…

1: Google keyword generator

referencing keywordsNumber of searches per month, competition … The Google keyword generator will allow you to obtain information on the keywords you are targeting. Better yet, it will show you related keywords to broaden your semantics. A well-known but essential tool for setting up a semantic analysis before optimization.
Link: Google keyword generator.

Training & Co'm

2: Copyscape

Duplication of content can be harmful for your referencing, Copyscape allows you to verify that your content has not been reproduced, without your agreement, on another site.
Link: Copyscape.

SEO analysis…

3: Tools for Google webmaster

SEO analysis Google Webmaster allows you to analyze the indexing of your site and its state of health (crawling error, blocked url, etc.). It is also via this tool that you will tell Google your sitemap.
Link: Google Webmaster.

4: SEMVisu

This tool will allow you to analyze your presence as well as that of your competitors in the natural and paying results of search engines. The tool will also allow you to identify potentially interesting keywords in paid or natural SEO.
Find 3 practical cases to analyze its natural and paying SEO with this tool here.
Link: SEMvisu.

5: SEMRush

SEMRush has more or less the same functionality as SEMvisu. These two tools will be distinguished by their database and their ergonomics. It’s up to you to test and choose the tool that best suits you.
Link: SEMRush.

6: SEO tools

The SEO tools site provides you with a whole range of tools allowing you to analyze your SEO. There are tools to analyze your HTTP headers, your tags, your keyword density, a sitemap generator and many other services.
Link: SEO tools.

7: Webrankinfo tools

The well-known site of SEO providers Webrankinfo also offers tools to analyze its SEO. There are tools to analyze a page (HTTP headers, co-occurrence index, text similarity index, etc.), others to analyze and develop links pointing to your site (backlinks list, hard link test or redirect, search for quotation without links, suggestion of sites for the exchange of links, test to know if two sites are hosted on the same IP address…)
Link: Webrankinfo tools.


8: LiveOptim

SEO optimization LiveOptim is a script that will be installed on your site to dynamically optimize all of your content. You only have to indicate the keywords you want to work on as well as the pages to which to refer and LiveOptim will optimize your whole site without you having to do anything. LiveOptim works on most CMS and can also be installed on a site using a homemade CMS.
Link: LiveOptim.

9: WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast

This plugin is reserved for WordPress sites. It will optimize your metas, your sitemap and many other things. To install absolutely on your WordPress site.
Link: WordPress SEO.

10: Sitemap generator

To generate a Sitemap, several alternatives are available to SEOs. For WordPress sites, several plugins exist. Whether for a classic sitemap or a sitemap for Google News. You can also use the XML Sitemaps site to generate a sitemap for any type of site.

Position tracking…

11: MyPoseo

referencing position MyPoseo is a tool that will assist you in precisely analyzing the positions of your site in the search results of the various engines on the keywords that you indicate to it. You can also, for each keyword, get your best positioned competitor. Read our article “Easily follow the positions of its natural referencing” to discover the features of MyPoseo.
Link: Myposeo.

12: SeeUrank

SeeUrank, like MyPoseo, will allow you to analyze your positioning in search engines, it is up to you to choose the tool that best suits you.
Link: SeeUrank.

Netlinking …

13: Yooda Submit

netlinking Yooda Submit is software that will help you from the selection of directories on which to register your site to the follow-up of the registration. 25,000 directories are listed in the tool.
Link: Yooda Submit.

14: SEO Hackers

SEO Hackers will help you automate your listing campaigns in directories and press release sites. You can select up to 4000 directories and 171 press release sites for your campaigns and schedule the registrations so that they are spread out over time. The interface is very well designed and gives you the possibility to make spins for your titles and descriptions in order to have different texts for each of the directories. Note that SEO Hackers offers to support you in the creation of your titles and descriptions but they seem not very reactive.
Link: SEO Hackers.

15: Webloog

Webloog is a kind of social network for SEOs, it will allow you to get in touch with SEOs wishing to exchange links. A good way to find links quickly.
Link: Webloog.

16: Exchange

Echangeo allows you to exchange links with other SEOs. You earn points by creating links for other members and spend them by buying links on other sites. The system is designed to avoid reciprocal links. You can find the Exchangeo test published last November here.
Link: Echangeo.

17: is, as its name suggests, a service allowing you to create your spins. You will quickly generate tens / hundreds of different texts in a few minutes.

For BlackHats

black hat seo Please note, it is advisable to use a proxy for the following three services. Certain abusive practices of these tools can be penalized by the engines: to use sparingly and intelligently. The latest updates to Google algorithms may render the use of these tools obsolete. I do not use them personally, it’s up to you to test.

18: Senuke

Senuke will help you automate the creation of different types of links: blog, article, user profile on forums and social networks, wiki, google place … Subscriptions start from $ 67 per month.
Link: Senuke.

19: Serobot

Serobot is also an automated link creation software. We find there, social network profiles, bookmarking sites, forums and other sites giving the possibility of creating links. You will have to pay $ 19.99 per month to use the service. Note that the Xrumer software also offers the same type of service.
Link: Serobot.

20: Link Farm Evolution

This tool will allow you to create blogs and their “spinned” content on the fly. It takes $ 297 to use its services.
Link: Link Farm Evolution.