▷ The 3 golden rules for a successful return to the office 2020 -

September is here! Make way for the busy offices, the “Open Space” more open than that, the traffic jams in front of the coffee machine, the 2 (unique) weeks of good humor from your Line-Manager, and the parades of “Wait, I’ll show you my vacation photos!” “. Here are the 3 golden rules for a successful return to school …

Rule number 1

Do not ask your white corpse colleague if their vacation went well. At best, he didn’t go anywhere (and it shows), at worst, he spent 2 weeks with his parents-in-law in Meurthe-et-Moselle (and it shows too) with gastroenteritis. In any case, her transparent complexion leaves no desire to listen to her depressing stories, and you could make her relive the nightmare of her stay and have her on her back for the rest of the year. To avoid.

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Rule number 2

Don’t waste too much time wiping the back of your boss “Oh, you look good!” “,” So tell us, how is the Costa Brava? “.

Firstly, because he probably doesn’t like you, he has 3246 emails to deal with before noon and he did everything to not think of you during his only moments away from the office.

Secondly, because everyone knows how it is on the Costa Brava: how ugly it is, full of Dutch people in caravans, German sandal-socks and unpleasant billionaire Russians. But above all, we don’t care (royally).

Rule number 3

Keep a low profile, enter the ranks. Do not show your vacation photos to anyone and above all, do not reveal your ‘anecdotes from Thailand ’. You’re at the office and no longer on the beach. I know, it’s hard. But console yourself by telling yourself that you only have… 11 months before the next summer vacation 🙂