▷ The 50 champion brands of Instagram in England 2020 -

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social networks, with more than 700 million accounts, of which 500 million are active every day. It is particularly attractive for brands: 80% of accounts follow at least one company on Instagram…

Some brands have taken advantage of this opportunity to build strong ties with their consumers. In particular, they were able to do so through influencers, personalities known for their talent as content creators, who gather thousands of subscribers around them.

We deliver to you the top 50 brands most popular with influencers in England on Instagram, based on the number of influencers who mentioned the brand in the year.

The big names in fashion and luxury take the lead, along with Zara, H&M, Chanel and Dior. However, some brands born in the age of social media have taken full advantage of the features of Instagram to slip into the top of the ranking, such as Daniel Wellington, Fitvia or Natural Mojo.

Brand name Activity area Number of influencers activated during the year
Zara Fashion 3,282
Daniel Wellington Fashion 3,108
H & M Fashion 3,026
Nike Sport 2,963
Adidas Originals Sport 2,344
Chanel official Luxury 2,181
Dior Luxury 2,055
Mac Cosmetics Beauty 1,871
Gucci Luxury 1,594
Mango Fashion 1,572
Louis Vuitton Luxury 1,565
Adidas Sport 1,415
Dolce & Gabbana Luxury 1,320
Sephora Beauty 1,263
Bershka Collection Fashion 1,261
Asos Fashion 1,222
Primark Fashion 1,215
Puma Sport 1,210
Fitvia en Food 1,178
Ray ban Fashion 1,174
Sephora England Beauty 1,148
L’Oreal MakeUp Beauty 1,123
Natural Mojo Fr Food 1,098
Calvin Klein Fashion 1,097
Asos Fr Fashion 1,053
Valentino House Luxury 1,053
Hello Body Fr Beauty 1,036
Levi’s Fashion 1,029
Converse Fashion 1,027
Kenzo Luxury 1,013
Estee Lauder Beauty 1,010
Pull And Bear Fashion 985
Calzedonia Fashion 971
Givenchy official Luxury 956
Thank you Handy Beauty 956
Pimkie Fashion 953
Adidas Fr Sport 952
Louboutin World Luxury 943
Urban Decay Cosmetics Beauty 931
Hermes Luxury 920
Armani Luxury 916
Too Faced Beauty 910
Victoria’s Secret Fashion 907
Starbucks Food 897
Kiko Milano Beauty 895
Lancome Official Beauty 891
YSL Luxury 873
Etam Fashion 872
Michael Kors Luxury 870
Nike women Sport 870

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Camille is a marketing specialist at Lefty, an influencer marketing solution equipped with a unique profiling and matching algorithm to allow brands to collaborate with the most relevant influencers.