▷ The 7 marketing lessons pumped out in Breaking Bad to double or even triple your turnover -

If you have had enough of the articles cat pee on the topic “how to increase your turnover”, you are probably not alone. But the article that takes place below, just for your beautiful eyes, has nothing to do with all those that you have already read so far …


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If you haven’t seen this masterpiece of Breaking Bad, think twice before continuing reading this article.

Because here is what will happen here and now. I’m about to reveal to you sales, marketing and persuasion nuggets straight out of one of the most iconic series in all of Hollywood …

I listed seven.

If you have the patience to understand and apply them in your business, they will help you double or even triple your turnover.

Truce of gossip, put on a yellow jumpsuit and follow me … We have meth to prepare and turnover to boost!

1. Take control over your network

Walter White and Jesse Pinkman have understood this well… To make golden noodles, you have to bypass the greedy intermediaries, have your own distribution network and above all have control of this network at all times.

It takes a little effort for them to set up, it involves pulverizing the heads of the bigwigs already in place … but when the machine is running well, it’s jackpot for them!

Let me translate this concept for your business.

It reminds me of something:

Have you known Myspace? It was the platform in vogue before Facebook entered the dance and gave it a head square!

All the web entrepreneurs who had spent hours pampering their Myspace account, building their audience there and sending all their prospects systematically to their Myspace page took the cold shower of the century when the network lost all its feathers in favor of Zuck and all his click.

The lesson is clear!

Who tells you that Facebook or YouTube will be there forever?

Always play your home game. That is to say on a platform that you own and master from start to finish. I am thinking particularly of your mailing list. No matter which autoresponder you use, if you have the email address of your fans and subscribers, you always play your home games and are safe from the hard knocks like:

  • Deletion of your account or your channel without explanation;
  • Reduced awareness of the social network you use;
  • Change of algorithm;
  • Sudden breakdown;
  • Etc.

Letting an intermediary put your nose into your business is not a long-term solution. Of course, to start it can act as a springboard. But quickly think about building a gateway to your own platform (your blog, your mailing list, your private member area, etc.).

Here is one that deposits…

You probably still have in mind the famous episode where Walt makes small explosives to make a noise in Tuco Salamanca’s apartment in case it goes into a spin during their very first transaction?


Well, from there, it’s the birth of Heisenberg, Walt’s alter ego (the name he calls himself for doing business and spreading terror).

Their electric blue meth is invading the city. All those who taste it want more. The battle for the land is raging and the dead are growing one by one.

Thanks to their show of strength and product notoriety, Walt and Jesse are paying concrete street credibility. They are now playing in the big leagues!

And apply that in your activity …

This is one of the easiest ways to push up your conversion curves and attract new customers, whether you are a seasoned actor or a frail junior in your field.

The thing you can emulate here is the demonstration of your know-how or your skills. In this way, you will prove by A + B that you are the person in the situation to solve this or that problem (the most painful of your audience).

A demonstration of expertise, when done well, is a real bulldozer for your marketing:

  • It will allow you to draw attention to your products or services;
  • It will automatically give you more authority and credibility vis-à-vis your competitors;
  • It will build trust, even if you are not known in your field;
  • It will push the undecided to make a decision and to subscribe to your offers or services;
  • It will allow you to sell more, even if you do not have a lot of self-confidence.

The demonstration of know-how will not exempt you from “selling”, but it will seriously chew your work.

And if you’re wondering how to show off your skills, there are several options available to you.

You can for example record a live on Facebook or YouTube, you can film yourself having a conversation with someone, you can use your product and show its functionality, etc.

The goal is to prove, in the context of a very specific situation, that you are competent in your field, that you know what you’re talking about, that you can be trusted and that it SEES that you can solve a very specific problem.

3. A touch of horror in your marketing

You can’t lay an article on Breaking Bad (and its little marketing lessons) without mentioning one of its most emblematic but also the most violent characters: Gus Fring.

Already because he has a crazy charisma, but also because he is an outstanding businessman!

And you will see that this third concept (taken from a bloody scene), when it is well exploited, will allow you to create very persuasive arguments.

Here is the scene:

At one point, Gus Fring hired Gayle, another hard-working chemist (but not aggressive for a penny). His intention is clear: to make Walt and Gayle work together and then eliminate Walt (who makes too much noise) and entrust Gayle alone with the reins of production.

But Walt foils Gus’ plan and asks Jesse to “cool” Gayle, allowing him to remain the sole owner of the recipe.

Thereupon … Gus sees red.

All his business is based on this unique meth recipe. And he has to keep Walt alive now.

His reaction ?

He grabs one of his henchmen by the neck, takes out a knife and slits his throat in front of Walt and Jesse, forced to witness this horrifying scene …

You are still here ?

OK !

How does that relate to sales and marketing?

In this scene, the message that Gus sends is “look what awaits those who play too much with my nerves … I’m ready to do anything to run this business …”

And it’s a concept that you can use at almost any stage of your sales tunnel (capture page, lead magnet, emails, sales page, etc.). It’s a concept that the best sellers in the world use in their selling points. And it’s also a concept that elite negotiators use to convince unbalanced people to come to their senses and make the wisest decisions.

This thing has its roots in deep human psychology, since he calls upon an emotion very strongly anchored in each of us: fear.

And this fear, you can generate it with a “horrifying vision”.

The vision of horror is very persuasive.

Fear is an emotion that drives decision-making.

If you can demonstrate to your prospect that if he does not make a decision or if he does not act by taking advantage of your offer, his problem is likely to worsen and his life is likely to become a small hell, you will be clearly more persuasive.

Here, we are clearly in copywriting, not in small conversion techniques.

Of course, each theme has its proportions. But if you are speaking to the right audience, that is, those who are passionate about solving a problem, then creating a “horrifying vision” the right way will be of great benefit to you.

Some tips for creating this famous “horrifying vision”:

  • Don’t lecture your prospects directly; tell horrible and distressing anecdotes that happened to you or happened to other people to illustrate what you said;
  • Get to know your prospects even better (especially their negative emotions), it will help you create even stronger and more meaningful images;
  • In your sales pitch, devote a part to storytelling and if your theme lends itself well, evoke very suggestive and very horrifying images;
  • Always contrast these horror visions with your solution that comes to play the “drugs”. If you have evidence to back up your words, be sure to include them.

4. Make partnerships (but not just how)

The thing that makes the Breaking Bad series downright crazy for me is the fact that a chemistry teacher and his former student team up to make drugs and sell them.

This pitch of the sick!

And if you’ve seen the series, you may remember the very first discussion between Walt and Jesse about it. Especially when Walt says to him:

You have the contacts. And I know chemistry.

Two different but complementary skills that unite to revolutionize their little world of light.

And again, this is a huge lesson for the web marketer or entrepreneur who has branches and who wants to develop his business!

Let me explain:

That doesn’t mean you have to find a partner and redesign your company with him to be successful. That’s not what I’m saying. Still … if it’s in your interest, why not?

No, what I’m getting at is that there is a multitude of strategies you can initiate with a third party to boost your activities.

Some examples :

  • You can exchange a list with a person who works on a topic close to yours (you send an e-mail to his list and he to yours) to pick up subscribers;
  • You can record a video with a Youtuber who may have subscribers who enter your client avatar (and return the favor);
  • You can consider a special affiliate promo week (either you sell someone else’s training, or you offer the marketer to sell your offer to their customers for a commission);
  • You can co-create and co-launch training with a partner (one shot or long term) and thus reach a wider audience
  • If you blog, you can write guest articles;
  • Etc.

If I listed all the partnerships that it is possible to make, we would have them for the whole night, but you got the point …

The idea is to capitalize on external resources to go further and faster!

5. Use the method of “Empty boxes” to increase your sales

If it’s been a while since your activity is launched and already well established, the thing that you are going to read now should interest you at the highest point. And I weigh my words.

Why ?

Because he puts his finger on something too often overlooked by most entrepreneurs.

However, when this little method is well understood, it can multiply the gains … as Christ multiplied the loaves …

This is the “empty boxes” method.

To illustrate the beast, let’s go back to Breaking Bad for a moment:

Once Gus Fring has been eliminated from the equation (in the mythical scene where he leaves Old Salamanca’s bedroom with his face half torn off), Walt and Jesse must find a new lab to get back into business.

The idea of ​​their goons, old Mike?

Establish temporary labs in homes being disinfected.

A great idea, an empty place that is unlikely to arouse suspicion … and a golden opportunity.

And you want to bet that this principle applies happily to your business?

Oh yeah !

If you follow the precepts of the great American marketer Dan Kennedy, you may have heard of the concept of “Unused capacity”. That’s the empty box method.

It is to identify the places and times when you are not selling and to make an offer in order to fill the empty box and increase your turnover.

Some examples of empty boxes that you can fill:

  • Place a commercial link in your welcome emails;
  • Sell ​​an additional service on a site;
  • Make an offer to a whole fringe of your list of former customers, while it collects dust in a corner;
  • Sell ​​on Saturday and Sunday rather than confining yourself to Monday-Friday;
  • Sell ​​certain products or services online, in addition to your physical store activities.

In short…

Each business will find its own empty boxes according to its own context, but if you put a little thought into it, you’ll be able to identify a bunch of little empty boxes and untapped opportunities to undoubtedly increase your turnover!

6. If you are a beginner, use the pufferfish technique

The character of Walter White has like that, at some moments in the series, cult replicas and full of common sense.

Here is one of them:

The pufferfish can swell and reach 4 or 5 times its normal size to intimidate its predators. It’s just an illusion. It’s just air. But who comes to fetch puffer fish?

Walt refers to their status as “beginners” and simply explains to Jesse that to scare the big guys, they have to make noise around them … a lot of noise.

One of the biggest trends for entrepreneurs starting out on the web is fear of exposing lack of experience. He or she may have the skills to make a hit, but the famous “imposter syndrome” is there to remind him that he has not yet achieved much and to make him doubt it.

Proving your capabilities is therefore crucial at this stage.

And one of the best ways to do that is to inflate!

Not to inflate your results or experiences, which would amount to lying and that … it would be bad for your karma … but rather inflate his attitude.

So, I admit …

It is not an easy task and it is not within the reach of everyone. One, because inflating your attitude requires a small dose of… foolproof self-confidence. And two, because it’s just not natural for most of us.

But when you put a little thought into it, you can quickly find some interesting avenues to explore.

For example :

  • Publish content regularly

If you are embarking on a content strategy, the best thing to do to boost your ego and immediately give yourself a more professional and solid image would be to publish content every day or as often as possible.

Who publishes content every day?

Experts or penguins?

Do you have the answer…

  • Intervene on popular podcasts or invite Kings in your theme for an interview

It’s a great way to channel a little of your interlocutor’s awareness in your direction and it can quickly start your pump!

Does that seem counter-intuitive to you? It’s normal. But psychologically, the fact of recognizing its faults (here in this case, your lack of experience), can allow you to capitalize on the downside, namely a greater focus on a quality that you have.

It’s a bit like the job interview game:

When a recruiter gives you an interview and asks “what are your flaws? He is actually waiting for you to sell yourself. In other words, that you sell these defects as qualities!

In addition, playing on your faults is an attitude that inspires (oddly) a lot of confidence and that is an additional advantage in the equation of the sale.

7. Find your real business

In the last season of Breaking Bad, the masks begin to fall. Jesse slowly understands how they were manipulated by Walt and he becomes more and more clear about his motivations.

Here is a small snippet of his deep thought that comes to the surface:

Jesse, you once asked me if I was in the drug or money business. The answer is neither. I’m in the power business.

Have you ever asked yourself this question?

“What business am I really in?” ”

Are you in the fitness business?

Or that of health, well-being and self-confidence?

You sell SEO

Or are you selling high competition visibility?

Having this thought will allow you to understand that there is a whole new dimension to your business and your marketing. Understand that your prospects and customers may need to hear certain arguments before they can buy or make a decision more easily.

It gives you a clearer view of the higher level you can reach and your marketing also enters a higher dimension!

That concludes this article!

I hope you had a good time and that you understood the most important thing when you set out to increase your turnover, whether you are at the start of your adventure or right in the middle of it:

Reflection AND application!

Before I leave you and let you think about all this, I have a quick question for you:

What are the things that you have put in place in your business that have brought you the most results?

Respond in the comments under the article!

See you soon.