It is done. You have created your first product. You have spent your last few weeks designing a superb course. It’s great and you want to show it off to the world…

You have written the promotion email for your list. And
go, you click on the “Send” button. Email leaves,
the first prospects arrive on your sales page. You can already imagine them
euros fall in abundance on your PayPal account. The
the first hour passes, you are in the process of refreshing your page. The
counter remains at 0.00 euro.

You wait 2 hours, you let the night pass, then 2 days,
3 days… the PayPal counter has not moved an iota: 0.00 euros. Nothing but
slab, nada.

Your hopes are shattered, your motivation too. All these
efforts to fail at the last step …

One question haunts your mind:
why did it screw up?

It’s frustrating. I know it. I messed up more than once
before understanding the essential keys to sell. There’s nothing worse
than spending whole weeks preparing a product launch for
have a lousy result.

Do you want the truth? You deserve this result. You did anything.

You want the right one
news ?
It is not inevitable. Quite the contrary.

If you know how to sell your product, you WILL FORCE euros. Want your share of the cake? You are in the right place. I explain how to do it, here and now.

these 7 steps?

To sell a product, it’s simple. There are 3 points
fundamentals to know:

  • The product must provide a solution to a problem;
  • The seller must inspire confidence;
  • We must facilitate the act of purchase.

The 7 steps that you are going to read are all based on these 3
points. They are particularly suitable for online sales.

You’ll see how to get attention, how
subtly inspire confidence, how to show that your product meets the
reader problem and how to get it into action.

You are free to modulate and transform these steps.

The idea is to give you the recipe to sell. Then,
you personalize it with your sauce. Without puns of course.

You are ready to
sell more? Let’s go.

Step 1: Get the reader hooked from the start

It’s a milestone. Do you have any idea how many
people selling the same thing as you on the net? A whole crowd.

You have to learn how to quickly hook your prospects.
Once on your page, you have 5 seconds to convince them.
If they don’t find what they want, they click on the little cross, close
their emails and go back to talk with their friends on Facebook.

I caricature a little, but that’s the idea.

The million dollar question: how to do it
stay? How to get them to read your sales page or listen to your
promotion video?

The answer is simple: explain what they have to gain from your first words. They must
understand that you are talking about them. They must feel that you are going to help them
solve a big problem.

Man is selfish. You, me, we, we all think of our
mouth. It’s like that. It’s not a shame. And you have to use that trait
our nature in your sales pages.

Indicate from the outset very roughly the interest that the
prospect to read your page, and you
will see the difference on the retention rate.

Here are the 3 ingredients for good grip:

  • Speak directly to the reader. Use “you” or “you”, speak of him and that of him;
  • Orient the catchphrase on the result of your product. After consuming your product, what result can the customer expect? It’s that result that you should highlight in the teaser, in one sentence;
  • To stimulate
    . Add an unusual element to your hook to attract
    attention. An unusual element can be for example the way you
    solve the problem or a particularly short time to reach the

To help you,
here are some examples of catchphrase:

I show you
how to become bilingual in english in less than 2 weeks
” : I
to the reader, I’m talking about the result of my product (becoming bilingual in
English) and I add an unusual element (bilingual in only 2

Stop it all:
here is the complete method to enrich yourself by writing texts

I’m talking to the reader, I’m talking about the result of my product (earning
money with writing) and I add something unusual (“stop it all”
+ earn money by writing texts?!)

You get the idea? The goal is to make it
“Tilt” in the prospect’s head. You have to intrigue him, give him

Obviously, your promise must be true and the product must
actually match your catchphrase.

Talk about the prospect +
what he can gain + arouse his curiosity = extra attention time.

Step 2: Wiggle the knife through the wound

This is where the difference is made between a page that
earns 0 euros and another thousands: the way you describe
the prospect’s problem.

Emotion is what makes people vibrate.

What are the biggest blockbuster movies? Those who do
cry like Titanic, those who freak out like the Exorcist, those who
laugh like the De Funès.

People need to FEEL something to be concerned about.

You want to spend a whole day in a room
where nothing happens? To see a film without emotion? To read a book
dish ?

No. It’s the same
for a sales page.

Using emotions has two advantages:

  • Your readers feel something and are more likely to read you;
  • They’re going to want to solve their problem even more, and therefore buy your product.

How do you use emotions to describe the problem?
With some negative emotional words, all

Let’s keep the example of training to become bilingual
like red thread. After the hook, this is how you can for example
chain (I put the emotional words in bold):

You fed up to sputter as soon as
you speak English ? I understand you. There is nothing more frustrating than wanting to express yourself and
of don’t get there. You upset against yourself because
you no longer know how to conjugate this or that verb. You waste a monster time to search on the net or on a
dictionary. You have need of
in English, that you is holding
to heart.
No matter how much you try online sites, they don’t help you
really. It is annoying, you are lost and no longer know how to do it.
You feel like you are bad.
No panic,it’s not

The idea is above all to show you the power of
emotional words when you talk about the problem. They allow the reader to
take in the middle of a pear. And above all, to feel.

It is essential to clearly define the problem to target the
as fair as possible. My example can be improved depending on what target
the product (professional English? Tourism?). In function,
I could have highlighted different aspects.

In summary, for
to succeed in this step, you just need to:

  • To draw up a precise picture of the problematic situation of your reader;
  • To stage it with negative emotional words.

Step 3: Identify the reader

It’s good, you have the grip and you stirred the
knife in the wound with the problem. Now please don’t
carpet seller. We are no longer in 2010. Monsieur’s approach I don’t know
does not work anymore. You should instead put yourself on the same level as the reader.
He must understand that you have gone through the same steps as him.

Your ultimate goal :
Show him that you can bring him something, from man to man. Not
from expert to ignorant.

By putting yourself at her
level, you put it at ease.
I advocate non-aggressive marketing, and
this step is essential to achieve this. If he understands that you are not
superior to him, he will not have the impression that you are trying at all costs of him
refourguer your product.

How do I identify myself to the reader?

Above all, avoid the blow of ” I too was like you before. And then reading lots of books,
I had an enlightenment: I knew that it was necessary to do like that …

blablabla … It is seen and reviewed, it is not original and above all, it stinks
the scam.

Must be SINCERE.
Because no sale is made without TRUST (2th 3 points to sell).

Personally, I always tell the truth to my
subject: I passed a master in CWT Advertising, I worked 1 year with
private individuals to help them set up their business on the web, I have
then switched to web development while continuing marketing as
I’m doing it now. I’ve had successes and failures in my blogs and
especially I bring a personal vision of things, based on my experiences,
my readings and my personality.

You see ? I’m not talking about “enlightenment
magical “stupid appeared after reading a book. I don’t say hold
science infuses. I am just saying the truth. That’s all.

Your reader is human. So to identify with him
it’s simple, stay human you

When you quickly talk about yourself on the sales page
(and you must say a word about yourself, this is important), tell your story without
water it down, without lying and transforming it
It’s as simple as

So after figuring out the problem, do a quick
paragraph that talks about you all in
keeping the reader concerned
. Don’t go into an autobiography, be
simple and encourage the reader to stay. Here is an example with our red thread
“Become bilingual in English”.

Eh yes. I have
took forever to get better. Rest assured, in 10 seconds I
explains how to overcome the problem. Like you, I first tried
conventional solutions, without success. So I decided to take lessons,
I made several trips to English-speaking countries, I exchanged with
lots of people and today I’m finally getting results. “

I place 2-3 words on my route, I don’t mystify anything (I
just tell what I did), and I show how the reader always has a
interest to read me (I give him the solution in 10 seconds). Simple and

Step 4: Introduce your solution

I STRONGLY insist on the word solution. When you talk to the reader, you never sell a
product but a solution to a

This step is relatively short and yet
fundamental. It makes the transition between the situation of the reader and your solution.
Until now, you have been talking about your respective situations and the problem.

Now, you are going to gradually bring him to what
you offer to help him.

How to introduce the
Solution? 2 points to

  • The format of your product;
  • An overview of the end result.

You have to do this briefly. One or two lines
maximum. The goal is to quickly go to the next step which describes in
detail the result.

If we take again our example red thread, this is what it
could give:

” To help you,
I have prepared a summary in 2 hours of what I learned in 2 years. It’s a
methodical, simple and effective video training. You are going to jump
giant in english

I summarize the format of the product: 2 hours of video training,
and I give a final overview of the result: make a giant leap in
English and learn in 2 hours what I learned in 2 years.

Step 5: Describe the result in its best light

This step is close to number 2. You will use
emotional words to describe the result this time.

What result? The one a customer gets who buys
your product.

To successfully complete this step, ask yourself a question
simple: once the product
consumed, what can he hope for?

The, you have to put
You have to make you want. Help the prospect who is hesitant to cross the

Sell ​​it in the most beautiful way the real result obtained after
have purchased your product. This time use positive emotional words.

Continuing with our red thread, we could have something
something like that:

In 2 hours, you
will you feel light in weight. You
you’ll never see English the same way again. You will feel armed to solve your problems of
conjugation. No more hesitation at
the oral, you will have the complete method for succeed to express yourself in a way fluid. And it’s a true
when we are lover of
English. “

Obviously you can develop this longer
part and formulate it differently, with your personality and your line

This is an overview to give you an idea of ​​the
turns to employ.

Describe the result
final simply, by making you want thanks to positive emotions.

It is also in this stage that you present the plan of
your training and everything you are going to cover.

For each point, do not forget to indicate the benefit

Ex: “ I go
show you 2 advanced marketing techniques and how they will double your
sales »

Many “dream sellers” are dishonest at this stage in
promising the moon. You have to appeal to your ethics and your good
meaning. Would you like to buy a product that does not keep its promises?

It’s the same for the others.

If you present the result real of your product in its best light, you are a good seller.

If you outbid the result of your product by
lying you are a scammer.

You choose your side, but know that the first
always end up winning. Ethics is an essential value today
to succeed over time. Both of course the business plan and the plan

Step 6: Dramatize the price

OK, you did the hard part. You hung the
reader. You stirred the knife in the wound. You talked about yourself for
inspire confidence. You have introduced your solution and described the
results the prospect can have.

Now it’s time to announce the price. This step
can mess everything up and that’s why you’re going to have to play down the ad.

I have a question
for you
. Why do you think you need all these steps
until now ? What is the purpose of stirring up the problem, of introducing
the product and describe its result?

The answer is in one sentence: add VALUE to your product.

And there you have to understand a marketing concept
essential before continuing.

A product has 2 values:

  • The real value;
  • The perceived value.

The real value is the selling price. No more no less.

Perceived value is what your product is worth to your eyes

Imagine training for 100 euros. If you have successfully
previous steps, your product will have immense value in the eyes of the
prospect. You’ll have no trouble selling it.

However, if you have not given enough VALUE to your product, then the
prospect is going to scream with scandal. For him, your product will not be worth the price of

If you kidnap people who really don’t have them
means to spend 100 euros, many of your prospects have this amount to
disposition. If the tickets do not go into your product, they will go to
the opponent.

You have to understand that when you don’t sell, it’s because your product is not worth
the selling price (actual value) in the eyes of the customer (perceived value).

In this step, we will therefore continue to value the
product to counter the announcement effect (it’s never nice to see the
amount a customer has to pay to get what they want).

Here are my favorite techniques:

  • Compare the price of the product with another everyday product to give a benchmark. For example, for training at 100 euros, we could have: ” For the price of a beautiful watch, you can become bilingual in English. What is most important to you? “;
  • Talk about
    return on investment
    . This is an excellent argument in a product of
    business type: “For 100
    euros invested, you can double the results by the end of
    months “

If your product is not making money,
talk about the return on investment for the personal development of the
person. For example, for English training, we could have:
For 100 euros invested, you can
communicate fluently with any English speaker, both at
both oral and written “

To top it off, we crack the prospect at the
last step.

Step 7: Give the magic wand

Apprentice sorcerers, here you put the wand
final. You will surrender UNIQUE the
situation in the eyes of the prospect.

What interest ? Get it bought within 15 seconds
that follow.

How? ‘Or’ What ? With 3 ultimate weapons:

  • Scarcity ;
  • The urgency;
  • The call to action.

People want what is rare. They feel like
have something special. Something inaccessible to ordinary people

The goal here is to make your product rare and give a
sense of urgency for the prospect to feel like making a gold case.

How to do ? Removing
your product for sale after a few days.

It’s a monstrously effective technique. There are two
product types:

  • Static products : always on sale, always at the same price. 99% of the products you know;
  • The
    dynamic products
    : available in limited time, at a price
    uncertain. Be that 1%.

A dynamic product is like a rare Pokémon. Onne
do not know when it will appear or the chances that we will see it again if we see it
let happen. So we jump on it when it shows up.

By promoting and promoting your product
withdrawing from the sale for several months thereafter, it takes on a value

You prevent the prospect from streamline. You push him to act on suddenly, emotionally.

And that’s exactly what we want.

Above all, do not let your mind create mental barriers like ” maybe finally i can wait …
I will see later, if I find
better elsewhere…

You must instead create the “Wow” effect.
is interested? Now is the time to act. Not the week

Here’s how to apply this step concretely in
your sales page:

  • Make a great launch or promotion offer (-50% for example);
  • Explicitly announce that the product is on promotion;
  • Then announce that it will be withdrawn from sale for several months;
  • Make the offer last no more than 3 days to push the customer to act quickly
  • Create a nice call to action button.

This step is the final slap. She is the one who grows
the reader to proceed to checkout.

Rather simple, isn’t it?

What should be
remember all of this?

As I said at the start of the article, all of these steps
meet the 3 pillars of sales:

  • Solution of a problem (hook + description of the problem + introduction of the product + description of the result);
  • Inspire confidence (identification with the reader and more generally, a sincere approach);
  • Facilitate the transition to the act of purchase (de-dramatization of the price and the magic wand).

Everything is designed to meet the fundamentals of sales. AT
every sentence you write, you must have these 3 elements in mind.

All of these steps will value at product, each in their own way. Practice writing,
have your loved ones read.

Find your style, there are hundreds of ways to introduce
these 7 steps in a sales page.

Deform them, transform them, lengthen them, mix them,
do as you see fit. What matters is that the value they
lead is found in your text.

I gave you examples, but you can
completely different formulations. The transitions can be finer.

Here, the bottom has at
ultimately more important than form.

You can do it. There is nothing superhuman once
that you have understood what works.

Good luck !

About the Author

My name is Eddy. Graduated with a master’s degree in web marketing, I have supported private individuals for more than a year to help them set up their activity on the internet. Today, I decided to show you how to make a living from your content on the modern web. I share all this on my blog where you can download my video training for free to get your blog off the ground.