▷ The 9 secrets to create a successful blog finally revealed! 2020 -

Ready to start your blog today? So you’re wasting your time! Do you really want to create a blog that hits home? So learn the grammar of the web! Yes, yes, you read me correctly! LEARN to write. Write epic articles, articles that touch your readers emotionally, and articles that make them think about you for several days …

Even better: ACHIEVE this level of agility and your readers can’t help sharing your content like a bun. They will make you a star of the web with very full pockets.

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In this post, I’m going to show you exactly how to write top articles! If you have any doubts, let me tell you this: thanks to my Hack-A-Nours formula, you are reading me!

Hack-A-Nours method

Hack-A-nours is a contraction of Hack (inventive, ingenious) and teddy bears (to connect with childhood emotions). In short, it is an ingenious method for touching our deep emotions. Do not laugh !! Read me!

I’m a guest writer on CWT Advertising & co’m and other platforms like the Huffington Post and so on. If no one was, far from you I would be right now.

Are we now on the same wavelength? I will take your silence for a GO! Before getting to the heart of the matter, I have an indiscreet question for you (I promise, it will stay between us). Are you an empathetic person? A person who can identify and connect with other people’s emotions? YES ? To be sure, ask your spouse or one of your parents!

You must be wondering what it is useful for, right? Here is the answer to your question: the Hack-A-Nours method is finally revealed to write articles that will make your readers addicted.

1) Identify your ideal client

Do you take your professional blogging career seriously? Do not miss this step. Identify your ideal client and understand what are the challenges and frustrations he faces.

Ask yourself:

  • WHO could benefit from your expertise? Example of target: auto-entrepreneur;
  • What big frustrations does your ideal client who wants to become a professional blogger encounter? To quote one, the one that comes up most often on the carpet is: get traffic on your blog (run before you can walk… a classic);
  • At what stage of awareness is your ideal client in its decision-making process? There are 3 stages:
    • He perceives the symptoms of his problem or opportunity (awareness);
    • He clearly identifies and names his problem or his opportunity;
    • He decided on the method or solution to adopt.

In the case of this article, I am targeting the awareness stage a).

N. B. Specific content must be delivered according to the stages mentioned.

2) Identify the core values ​​of your ideal client

Identify and understand what are the core values ​​that most affect their decision-making process.

For example in this article, I deliberately incorporated the following sentence: “… will make you a canvas star with some pockets well full “.

The underlined parts are powerful revealers of values:

  • Canvas star: I use it as a relative value so it is used as a means to access the fundamental value of money or financial autonomy;
  • Full pockets: they refer to the values ​​of money or financial autonomy, etc.

NB: Star of the canvas can also be a final value, because behind star hides a need for recognition.

3) Learn to put yourself in the shoes of your readers

Avoid the “ego trip” and do not write in the first person (examples: me, me, etc.) in your articles (unless it is to illustrate a point quickly). It is crucial that you make the other want to come to you.

As proof, once you have finished reading this post, I invite you to count the number of times I tu you versus the number of “I” or “me”.

4) Write captivating article titles

The title is the first thing the reader sees, MAXIMIZES its impact. Your title should absolutely state how relevant the article is to your audience while being emotionally intriguing.

5) Choose the titles that are most likely to “win the cup” on search engines (Google)

Use Google Keyword Planner to check your target audience’s interest in your topic. The reason is very simple: if several people have the same problem, the chances that they will use the search engine to find an answer are very high.

Below is a screenshot to illustrate how Google Keywor Planner works.

Search keywords Google Key planner

As you can see, the keywords I originally chose were: “blogger and success”. Finally, when I consulted Keyword Planner, the search volume for the keywords “create a blog” caught my attention. This is why I opted for the title: “The 9 secrets to creating a successful blog finally revealed”.

6) Write introductions that touch the concerns of your audience

Several formulas exist. Here is the one I used this time:

Introduction = Attention + Interest + Desire

7) Use powerful metaphors and words to trigger emotions

Example of metaphor: “share your content like a bun”.

Examples of powerful words: “lose”, “execution”, “stars”, etc.

8) Use transitions and improve the emotional experience of your readers

Examples: “You must be wondering what it is useful for, right? “; “Admit it”, etc.

9) Write inspirational conclusions that encourage your readers to take action

Loop the emotional charge that you triggered in the title and make it evolve throughout the article. Your goal: get your reader to take action.

Admit it, now all of your readers will want to inspire your words. So do it, start your blog!

PS: At the moment, what type of laughter is going on your face? The joyful, the yellow, or the frank?

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