▷ The ABCs of digital marketing: get started! 2020 -

Getting into the world of web marketing can sometimes seem complicated. Not that digital techniques are difficult to access, but… their jargon can lose more than one seasoned marketer. I therefore suggest a little ABCedary, to start exploring this world full of promises of growth !


By implementing content consumption schemes, the web marketer automates their distribution. Suppose your prospect has downloaded an ebook highlighting problems related to your area of ​​expertise; the good web marketer will then offer more specific content (a white paper) on solutions to these problems, which will be sent to your prospects automatically.

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The blog remains one of the most powerful levers for attracting prospects on the web: not only does it give you credibility in your sector, since you expose your expertise there, but it also allows you to boost your SEO! (see S: SEO)

Content marketing

Today’s prospects want to consume relevant web content that helps them with their buying thoughts. Whether infographics, white papers, videos or other, you will need to diversify formats, and create communications that will address their issues.

Data (Big)

Data is the data that circulates on the net; Big Data is the explosion of the number of such data on the Internet! The web marketer uses it to personalize his content, thanks to the information he collects in his tracking software. (see T: Tracking)


abcdaire-marketing-digital A web marketing tool as old as the world (of the Internet), but still works just as well. Take care not to abuse it, so as not to find yourself in the “unwanted”; rather consider this means as a lever to activate with people who have already expressed an interest in your products.


Twitter is full of lead generation promises, both for BtoC and BtoB. Your objective: to be followed by Followers, these loyal Internet users who will consult your content regularly.

Growth-driven design

Having a website is good. Having a website that converts your visitors into leads is better! This is the objective of this development technique, which wants your site to push your prospects to leave you their contact details, by uploading content to them.

Hacker (Growth)

The growth hacker is a rapidly expanding profession, which you may need in your business. Its goal is to quickly accelerate the growth of a young company by activating all the web levers at its disposal.

abcdaire-marketing-digital Inbound marketing

A method highlighted by HubSpot marketing automation software, inbound marketing has the principle of attracting prospects to the company’s solutions. By leaving content available on the web, the inbound marketer collects the prospect’s data and then feeds him other communications that make him mature slowly … but surely.


A web marketing strategy is built step by step. You will have to lay the groundwork, little by little, without hurrying, and always experimenting. No interest in going head-to-head in activating all the web levers if you don’t master them … or else, start by outsourcing your execution, to experienced strategists.

KPI (Key Performance Indicators)

If you are going into web marketing, KPIs will have to become your leitmotif: these are the metrics that will allow you to calculate the performance of your web devices. It can be the rate of opening of your emails, the rate of click on a page of your site, the rate of conversion of your Landing Pages… (see L: Landing Pages) To watch carefully, therefore !

Landing Page

A Landing Page (or Landing Page) is a page on your site that contains a form behind which you offer content to your prospects. On this page, they fill in information that will be invaluable to you, before they can download the communication.

MaaS (Marketing as a Service)

The acronym MaaS most often designates a marketing platform allowing you to manage several web levers: from the same software, you set up your emailing campaigns, communication on social networks, your marketing automation, your blogging, your reporting … An ultra useful, efficient and profitable all-in-one solution!


Your newsletter is the email, sent at regular intervals, which will promote the news of your business to your prospects. I already told you about its interest and the good practices linked to it here.


Optimizing your digital marketing strategy will be the key to its success. In web marketing, everything is tested and optimized vis-à-vis the results (these famous KPIs which now have no secrets for you).

Digital prospecting

A unique method of lead generation for BtoB, digital prospecting activates all web levers to attract, motivate and convince prospects by exploiting the full potential of the Internet. Much more profitable than traditional prospecting methods, and absolutely essential for niche markets and specific projects such as exporting or launching a new service!

QR codeabcdaire-marketing-digital

In BtoC, the QR code makes the link between physical marketing (posters, flyers, etc.) and your website. These are the strange codes that prospects can scan with their smartphones to view your content online.


A site or an email is responsive when its format adapts well to reading on a smartphone. Knowing that 60% of the time spent on the Internet is made from a tablet or a smartphone, responsive becomes essential!


SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the web marketing strategy which consists in placing keywords related to your field of activity in your site, your blog articles, your content… so that your business appears in the first results. search engines.


The good web marketer works to track absolutely all the actions taken by his prospects on the Internet. Thanks to a CRM (or Customer Relationship Management, a customer relationship management software), you can follow who has downloaded your content, who has visited your pages, who has seen your publications on social networks… Essential to collect your precious data!


UX (User Experience)

For several years now, it has not only been about being on the Internet, but offering a good user experience (or UX) to its prospects. This involves in particular the fact of offering content adapted to their purchasing issues.


As a seasoned web marketer, you will need to set up a digital watch, that is to say follow the activities of your field of activity on the net. Tools like scoop.it, or subscriptions to blogs and sites related to your business, will help you not to miss any news.


An ultra attractive and powerful format, the webinar is an online conference on your area of ​​expertise. By registering, your prospects send you their contact details, which you can then use in your digital marketing campaigns.


You’ve no doubt heard of HTML, this basic programming language that allows you to write a blog article correctly. XTML, its newer big brother, offers a more rigorous syntax, which your editors and developers will have to integrate as soon as possible.


Video is taking over the world of the web! Prospects are fond of it, and the largest publishing platform is YouTube. You couldn’t have missed it! It is visited daily by almost a third of Internet users around the world.


This is the philosophy that you will have to adopt before memorizing all these jargonous terms, often taken from English, and sometimes a little obscure. But don’t worry: as soon as you put your hands a little dirty, it all lights up very quickly. To your web marketing strategies!