▷ The advantages of creating explanatory video: presentation of BlueOkapi 2020 -

A picture is worth a thousand words, so imagine a video. When explaining a concept or a commercial offer, it is much more efficient to use a video presentation of a few minutes rather than several pages of text. And it’s not the 800 million users of You Tube who will tell you otherwise. BlueOkapi is a French company offering the creation of animated explanatory videos to highlight your products and services …

The advantages of creating a video …

Creating a video presentation of its offer has many advantages:

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  • Video clearly explains the benefits of a product, service, concept or even a business;
  • It can capture the attention of the user and keep him on your site longer;
  • It significantly improves the confidence of prospects and customers;
  • It is easily shared on social networks;
  • It boosts the referencing of your site, in particular via the results of universal Google search.

In short, the advantages are numerous but often we say that a video is complicated to make or expensive to have created by a communication agency. This is where BlueOkapi and its offer of explanatory animation videos come in.

Animated explanatory video …

BlueOkapi can assist you in producing short explanatory videos. All the creation is done by BlueOkapi from the brief that you send them: from the creation of a character and a scenario to the integration of the video by following these steps:

  1. Consideration of your brief;
  2. Creation of a character and a script in the form of a storyboard;
  3. Graphic and sound design;
  4. Video encoding and hosting.

All in a very short time of 2 to 4 weeks. The company has integrated all skills internally in order to offer attractive prices. Their prices start from 1500 € all inclusive.

The French company has taken as its model Epipheo, an American company leader in this market by taking up their advantages without their main disadvantage: the tariff (approximate cost of $ 10,000 per minute).

Note that the videos can easily be adapted into several languages ​​by creating several voice-overs according to the target countries.

Here are three examples of videos made:

CPO video from BlueOkapi on Vimeo.

The keys to DIY from BlueOkapi on Vimeo.

MKG from BlueOkapi on Vimeo.

You can find other examples on the page presenting their offer of animated explanatory video.

Recently the company also offers interactive videos offering several choices to the user referring him to different sequences. A bit of a video where you are the hero 🙂

For your information, BlueOkapi also produces all types of videos and can also assist you in the communication strategy for your video so that it is seen by as many people as possible. Among their references are Decathlon, BMW and even major French banks…

You can discover their offer on BlueOkapi.com and find them on Facebook and Twitter.