Have you ever tried to share a live video via webinar, Facebook Live, Periscope…? We are in a growing wave of “live” social media. The social networks that are hitting the headlines right now are undoubtedly SnapChat, Whatsapp, Periscope and the latest Facebook novelty “Facebook Live”…

In addition to wanting content immediately, consumers want real, real and dynamic content. They are looking for true stories, authenticity and mentors, surprises, the unexpected while still having the requirement to keep quality content.

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Have you ever tried Periscope or Facebook Live?

I have been asked the question a lot: “How did you manage to use Facebook Live?” “. It’s very simple: using my mobile from the Facebook application (be careful, you must have the latest update). Now, when you want to publish a status, you have a menu that looks like this:

Then, you can choose the title of your video and stream it immediately (with the screen below). It is also possible, just like any Facebook status, to put it in “public” or even to select a category among its friends:

Video, which has already proven itself and continues to do so with the success of YouTube, is now generating even more and more interest if you can watch it live. My first tests on Facebook Live are really very interesting, I even have the impression that the Facebook ranking favors them …

One of the main attractions will be the interaction between the person making the video and those watching it. The different networks therefore offer the possibility of leaving comments and asking questions directly on the application where the video is broadcast, which causes unparalleled interaction. Unparalleled, yes, but there are still aspects, advantages that only a live live event where you will physically move can satisfy.

Why do I have to travel to live events?

In order to determine the importance and the advantages of coming to live events in person and having the courage to take the time to travel there, let us first look at the wave of conferences and online events. As you will all have seen and understood, the big trend of the moment remains the organization of online webinars. Why ? Certainly in a few words the immediacy and accessibility of the offer, but here are the main reasons for this trend:

1 / Fast and Easy

It’s fairly simple and quick to set up. It can be improvised from one week to another, at the last moment, and over a period varying from 1h to 3h depending on the questions and the interest of the people connected.

2 / Less expensive solution

This solution is less expensive compared to creating a live event. There is no super complicated logistics for the user compared to a live organization. In fact, the live face-to-face event requires an additional investment from both the organizer and the participant.

3 / A stronger attraction to register

Typically, call-to-sell webinars are free, simply because the organizer will have almost nothing to spend on hosting them online.

4 / Accessible tools

The tools and software to be able to make webinars online are more and more “user friendly”, more and more known by Internet users and less and less expensive.

What is the flip side of the webinar participant?

Alone in front of the screen = No networking or network

The participant in the online webinar does not really communicate with other participants. Ideally, he can react and ask questions of his host. But at the network level, he has no idea who is connected with him during this event.

What is the other side of the coin for the organizer of a webinar?

Free = Less involved

On average, more than 60% of people registered for a webinar ultimately do not participate in it. This means that as an organizer, if you have 100 participants registered for your webinar, there will be on average 35 to 40 connected during your online conference.

What is certain is that the world needs Human. What is certain is that in the end contact with an individual ends up missing. What is certain is that between having a person in front of you and on a screen, there is a real difference. The current of “live” on the canvas clearly demonstrates this to us. Now we move on to another phase: the return to the old world of live real life with handshakes, smiles and staring. And then, it’s even nice to see the people we follow online for real 😉 Online events are great, but let’s also bet on real events! Yes for the good of humanity 😉

What are your interests / advantages of coming to a live event?

1 / Get out of your house!

It’s good to spend time behind your computer training, reading articles, watching videos on YouTube, and posting on social media. But it’s better to go out and meet the people you follow diligently every day or every week online behind your screen for real. The entrepreneur, the self-entrepreneur, the self-employed are all too often alone, and going outside and being able to simply chat with his community in real life has become too rare.

2 / Find inspiration!

It’s well known, many boiling brains are better than one. And what could be better than sharing your ideas, your experience, finding solutions, inspiration with people who understand you and who have also been there. By exchanging your ideas, your points of view and taking a step back from your business, you will see other perspectives and gain inspiration, both creative and strategic.

3 / Be even more motivated!

The motivation of an entrepreneur can be altered by his environment or by “tiles” falling on him. Being an entrepreneur often means being in an internal state that varies from one extreme to another, a kind of super yoyo between euphoria and depression. Motivation and self-confidence are two fragile phenomena. It is often said that it takes 7 years to build self-confidence and that it can take just 7 minutes to destroy it. By participating in WED, you will find the keys to keep you motivated no matter what.

Why end up at WED?

WED “Web Entrepreneur Day” is the day you should not miss as an entrepreneur. What are you going to find and why come to this conference day for entrepreneurs?

  • Meet other passionate Web entrepreneurs, who have ambitions just like you, who want to achieve a certain comfort and freedom of life, recurring income, even financial freedom;
  • Work with other Web Entrepreneurs in a coaching process that will allow you to be efficient and productive, to leave with advice, answers, an action plan, and possible projects;
  • Benefit from continuous training, skills and experiences from everyone;
  • Be part of a dynamic and motivating support group, working with respect, the rules of ethics and confidentiality;
  • Accelerate the growth of your activity and take your business to the next level;
  • Discover stories and entrepreneurial projects through the various conferences;
  • Gain visibility and gifts by winning the pitch contest.

Come and live with us this day where each conference will be unforgettable!

The WED is an event dedicated to entrepreneurship which will take place at the Wagram Pavilion (near the Arc de Triomphe). If you want to meet inspiring entrepreneurs and have an unforgettable day, it is still possible to register via the event website www.web-entrepreneur-day.com.

On the program: 16 speakers (Vlogger, Serial Entrepreneur, Blogger, YouTuber, Coach, Manager…) who will make you live vibrant conferences in TED format (15min) on different subjects of performance, motivation, personal legend, desire, action, priorities , errors and many other subjects drawn from their experience in entrepreneurship and also from the digital world.

The speakers present for the WED day:

  • David LeFrançois (Lecturer, Director of the Institute of Applied Neurosciences);
  • Nicolas Pène (Certified NLP teacher, trainer, speaker and Business coach for successful entrepreneurs);
  • Vincent Avanzi (Globe-Trotter, Company poet, La Plume Du Futur);
  • Nicolas d´Hueppe (CEO Cellfish, VP Croissance Plus);
  • Antoine Blanchemaison (Entrepreneur, Webmarketer, Vlogger);
  • Rémy Bigot (Entrepreneur, Host of the “Set up his Business Show”);
  • Jordane Zangueneh (Coach in professional retraining, Blogger, CEO “Dare to Shine”);
  • Yannick Alain (Lecturer, magnet for opportunities);
  • Hubert Reynier (CEO Visconti, co-founder of the leaders’ campus);
  • Julien Bouret (Coach in professional well-being);
  • Stanislas Leloup (Podcaster and animator on Marketing Mania, Facebook and conversions specialist);
  • Antoine Peytavin (Author, digital coach and co-organizer of the event);
  • David Marouani (CEO improcoaching, youtubeur “David son sac”);
  • Morgane Février (CEO Weeshiz, Host of the Entrepreneur Podcast, COO UGGY and co-organizer of the event);
  • Ludovic Leroux (Speaker, trainer and sports coach);
  • Alexandre Chombeau (Entrepreneur since the age of 18, co-founder of Agence CSV)

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Do you have to be “Web” or “Entrepreneur” to come to WED? No ! The objective is also to network with the participating entrepreneurs as well as the speakers. The WED is the entrepreneurial event of the year where there will be entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, freelancers, coaches, consultants, business leaders, startups …

In addition, a pitch competition will be organized among the participants. If you want to come and present your startup to 300 people in elevator pitch to win prizes and highlight your project, this is at WED.

Today, every entrepreneur must go through the digital box regardless of their activity to give visibility to their business and attract new customers. We will show you that it is possible with few means, but a strong conviction, to achieve your dreams and business goals while having a life that suits you better. The digitalization of professions, uses and consumption patterns is there. Well, it’s not going to stop. If you are not already connected, take the bandwagon.

I hope to see you with us on April 30. Don’t wait any longer, places are limited. It’s here www.web-entrepreneur-day.com!


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So what are you waiting for to register?