▷ The art of storytelling: why it is important to know how to pitch 2020 -

Originally, the pitch was used by screenwriters in the world of cinema to convince and seduce production companies. This summary of the scenario had a decisive stake since the producers’ decision was based on these few minutes (1 to 5 minutes), obliging the speaker to deliver a captivating pitch …

Although originally it was delivered only orally and directly (face-to-face), now we can find it in several forms. Indeed, nowadays, individuals also use indirect oral pitch (on the phone for example), video pitch, or even written pitch (in the form of an email or short PowerPoint presentation).

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In addition, the pitch methodology is more commonly used by individuals, regardless of their sector of activity, in order to deliver a message in a concise, effective and impactful manner. Indeed, we all have to pitch in one way or another, whether it is to accept a change to our team, to express our opinion at a meeting, to obtain an appointment , to vote a budget or to simply prove that we are the best. So we all have to influence someone one day so that he adopts our ideas and agrees with us.

For an agency for example, the pitch can be decisive for its success since in the case of a bad pitch, although the proposal is relevant, it may fail to win new customers. This shows the importance of knowing how to pitch to promote a brand, a business or an idea.

However, for
the pitch can be very scary because its success depends so much on the
how it is communicated only from what is said. The content and the form
must therefore be completely mastered. But if you want to have your
ideas, choices and positioning as a leader, mastery is essential.

Here are 3 tips, which we would like to share with you, to deliver an impactful and captivating pitch.

Tell a story

For thousands
years, stories are used by people of all origins
to communicate and transmit. Telling stories transforms ideas
abstract in concrete images which we assimilate with ease, and which
can even go to us
carry. To make the pitch captivating, what could be better than presenting it
as if you were telling a story to a loved one. It could be a
story about a client’s experience or your personal experience so
to establish a context and an image that will remain in the person’s mind
you want to convince.

Learn about your audience

In order to make
good impression, we often make the mistake of listing all of our
knowledge during these few minutes of pitch. But whatever
subject, our primary objective is to establish a relationship with our
interlocutors and not to boast. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out
upstream research to find out what their concerns, their
desires, desires, expectations, etc. It is by giving importance to
our interlocutors whom we arouse the most their curiosity and their attention.

Don’t beg

There is a thin
distinction between showing that we believe in our idea and being
anxious and not getting there. Although feeling a little anxious is all
completely normal, letting her take hold of us will backfire on ourselves.
It can return an attitude of begging, which will be far from being useful. Yes
we really believe in our idea, let’s present it with confidence. One person
convinced by her project, passionate and committed is always more convincing
than a seconded person.

To conclude, the
pitch is essential to transmit and gain acceptance of our ideas.

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