▷ The audio book, a new way of learning 2020 -

The audio book is starting to arrive in England, bringing with it new opportunities. Whether at the marketing level with podcasts or at the learning level, the audio book will prove to be useful in many situations …


The advantages of the audio book

One of the big advantages of the audiobook is the opportunity to listen to the book rather than having to read it. So that means that we can use our eyes to do something else and just listen with our ears.

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This can be useful:

  • For journeys (car, plane, train, bus, tram) especially when going to work;
  • For the holidays, quietly lying on the beach to sunbathe, or during a mountain walk to admire the landscape;
  • Coming home in the evening after spending hours in front of a screen;
  • To “read” (listen) in the dark without disturbing anyone with the light.

So you understand that a lot of people see in the audio book a more interesting alternative to paper books or ebooks.

As entrepreneurs and marketers, we must take advantage of this new fashion to further develop our business. You should never stay on track, but always evolve with new technologies and trends.

We will see in the rest of this article how audio books can serve us as entrepreneurs.

Audio books for learning

It becomes very disadvantageous to have to read a book or watch a video to learn, whether for students or adults looking for learning.

You always have to keep your eyes on the book or the screen. However, in everyday life, it becomes very difficult to sit quietly to do so.

This is where audio books come in! They are great for optimizing your time during the day while continuing to learn (for example on journeys, lunch breaks, etc.).

Besides being useful for learning or just listening to novels, you can use audiobooks to share knowledge. This is interesting because you are going to get into an area still very uncompetitive.

Many companies today sell information, whether through videos or books. Well why not get started in audio books before everyone else!


If you know a little bit about audio content, you probably know podcasts. It’s like a video or an article, it’s still content, except this time it’s audio content.

Audiobook a new way to learn

Today in England, the most popular formats are articles (blogs) or videos (YouTube channels). Conversely, in the United States for example, podcasts (audio) are very popular.

Often the trends in England come from the United States, and only a few years later. The audio format may soon become popular soon! Besides, at the time of writing, the format is already starting to appeal.

If you want to try the adventure and why not diversify your content, you can publish your podcasts on platforms like SoundCloud or Libsyn.

A bet on the future

One thing is certain, in a society where information is increasingly useful, where learning is back in fashion and where free time is running out, the audio book will find its place.

If you are interested in the subject and see a solution to involve the audiobook in your marketing strategy or your business, do not hesitate.

There are more and more people getting involved in articles or videos, so try why not stand out with audio!

Personal use

Perhaps you discovered the audio book by reading this article and you are interested in personal use?

There are already a lot of marketing books in audio format. For example, Amazon has released its Audible platform for audiobooks, so you can learn just by listening. In addition, Amazon is investing a lot in this market, all the people on Audible are only professionals.

Unfortunately, Audible is a paid application. If you don’t want to pay, there are other apps that let you download free audiobooks.

What you can improve yourself in any area, in marketing or in learning a new language for example.