▷ The challenges of the transition to the CSE (Social and Economic Committee) 2020 -

The 2017 Labor Law fixes the establishment of the Social and Economic Committee no later than 1st January 2020 for companies with 11 or more employees. All the Staff Representative Bodies are concerned by this recasting in a single instance. This implies changes that benefit from being integrated through good preparation. New grids define the staff and means of operation of the CSE, subjects which will be at the center of collective agreement negotiations.

The merger of staff representatives (DP), works councils (CE) and health, safety and working conditions committees (CHSCT) aims to simplify and unite the role of bodies which are already in fact brought to collaborate regularly. The government has put it in place to make social dialogue more effective.

Until now, the possibilities for merging between instances have been optional. With the 2017 Labor Law, it becomes compulsory for all companies maintaining a workforce of 11 or more employees for 12 consecutive months.

By December 31, 2019, affected companies will need to transition to CSE. To streamline the process and allow negotiations as well as the establishment of the pre-electoral protocol, the current mandates may be subject to extensions. The calendar of professional elections will therefore have to be organized accordingly during this transition period.

The CSE will, we understand, have a strong economic orientation. The disappearance of the CHSCT as a single body offers new flexibility in matters of health and working conditions. In fact, legally only 4 annual meetings will be compulsory. This minimum quota, when adopted, will encourage precise targeting of priorities and effective treatment of them during plenary meetings. Companies with more than 300 employees or those designated by the labor inspectorate (for risks specific to the industry) integrate a Health, Safety and Working Conditions Commission. This is the body specialized in these matters, within the CSE. Here again, the means and hours of delegations are defined by collective agreements.

In the absence of a favorable collective agreement, the resources and means of the CSSCT will therefore be reduced compared to the former status of the CHSCT proceeding. Companies opting for this policy will suffer, at least for some, the deleterious effects in the long term. It is therefore advisable to anticipate the transition to the CSE, first of all by obtaining full information.

The site dedicated to elected officials of the social and economic committee, www.cse-guide.fr, is an interesting base for consulting advice and guides on the subject, but also for discussing and sharing your views and experiences with other elected officials. . This platform indeed hosts a forum dedicated to CSE elected officials who can thus discuss general or specific questions. You will also find the latest resources on management and finance news, legislative progress, reforms and a section dedicated to HR and management as well as services for elected officials.