▷ The choice of keywords for good natural referencing 2020 Guide -

In a world where Internet users formulate their request on Google with a set of keywords, choose the right keywords to integrate on your web page is more than essential. But to get a high conversion rate and hope to boost the level of natural referencing of its site, should we still understand how Google’s algorithms work? How does Google rank websites? And above all, how to choose the good SEO keywords ? Let’s find out.

Understand how the Google algorithm works

The foundation of SEO is based on how Google’s algorithm works. To classify the different Web sitesafter research by a surfer , Google is based on the keywords it entered in the search bar. The search engine identifies all the most relevant sites that can respond to its request.

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In this perspective, to be able to increase awareness, the level of visibility of its site and make its conversion rate high, the choice of keywords represents a webmarketing strategy in its own right.

But how choose the right ones keywords including advantageous traffic?

Carry out a careful study of keywordsSEO

Long before choose your keywords , a careful study must be done. Indeed, it would be very advantageous for his site to draw up a list of keywords Main SEO and secondary in relation to its products or activities.

To keep it simple, start by identifying the main activity of your site. If for example you mainly offer web-based services, the main keyword may be: ” webmarketing agency” Secondary keywords mean all of the SEO keywords closely related to your main keyword. For web marketing agency, we can note as secondary keywords: Marketing strategy, SEO marketing, internet services, paid SEO…

Use a keyword generator

To help you in the choice of keywords most relevant and get a high conversion rate , keyword generators exist on the canvas. They can be free or paid depending on the case. Until this day, Google Adsis positioned as one of the best online keyword generators developed by Google, the number 1 search engine.

However, we can also improve the natural referencing of its site thanks to:

Identify SEO keywords that convert: how to do it?

The foundation of SEO gives importance to the identification of SEO keywords that convert . Some websites even use paid SEO to achieve the same goal as these keywords. The relevance of keywordsis defined in relation to:

  • To the traffic they generate;
  • The quality of the visits obtained;
  • To the interest they arouse.

Traffic generated

The choice of keywords to use for the writing of its articles has mainly for main objective to generate a significant traffic. Therefore, we can well base ourselves on this essential criterion for choose the right keywords.

Quality of the visits provided

If at first the keyword SEO targets a high traffic , it should then allow you to get a high conversion rate. This conversion rate generally results in a purchase made, a subscription to the newsletter or simply an important visit time.

Interest aroused

The third point is to consider the interest aroused by the keyword in question. A priori, the more the number ofweb pages and websitespositioned on the word or the SEO expression is important, the more interest it gets. However, to hope for a good positioning on Google , we will still need to know the right types of SEO keywords to use.

Which SEO keyword groups to choose?

Based on the results and the surrounding elements, Google ranked the SEO keywordsin 4 large groups:

  • Competitive keywords;
  • Parasitized Keywords;
  • Neglected keywords;
  • Niche keywords.

Competitive keywords, high traffic SEO keywords

A keyword is said to be “competitive” if the result it generates on Google exceeds 60,000,000 results. And although it generates a heavy traffic, it’s hard enough to expect a good positioning on this kind of keywords. Christmas decoration, newsletter, web writing and Google are examples of this type of keywords .

Parasitized Keywords, Effortless SEO Keywords

The parasitic keywordsare mostly general expressions that can lead people to our site without making too much effort. This kind of SEO keywords generates low quality traffic.

Parasitized keywords present around 20,000,000 results, and are therefore unlikely to be used to obtain a high conversion rate. Here are some examples of parasitic keywords: natural, advice, tips, England…

Abandoned keywords, good positioning with low traffic

Contrary to parasitic keywords, the neglected keywords refer Internet users on specific subjects, but with low traffic. A neglected keyword usually offers 10,000 results at most, a good way for you to acquire a small community without much effort .

Niche keywords, an excellent lever of natural referencing

If it is difficult enough to position oneself on competitive keywords , it’s much easier to reach a high conversion ratewith niche keywords. These SEO keywords produce quality and accurate traffic on nearly 100,000 results.

A priori, theniche keywordsare longer compared to competitive keywords.