The negative impact of man on the planet has reached a critical level so that society is more and more aware of its impact. It is therefore gradually taking steps to lessen the influence of its actions on the planet. It is in this logic that the trend of “eco-friendly” companies appeared in order to meet the expectations, both of consumers and of investors, all in favor of a sustainable business perspective …

The majority of companies are already aware of the benefits brought by ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies) in terms of management. The rapidity and constant evolution of technologies in recent years have implied a large increase in energy consumption and therefore in the carbon footprint. However, technological developments also allow great advances to reduce the negative effects of human actions. The use of Cloud has emerged in many studies as one of the most sustainable ICTs, and the number of users is increasing every day.

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What is the cloud?

The Cloud is a model that allows ubiquitous, practical and on-demand access to a shared network and to a set of configurable IT resources: networks, servers, storage, applications, services. Information no longer has to be linked to local equipment, as it is now accessible from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Environmental benefits

  • The Cloud can reduce and even eliminate the need for devices to store data or installation CDs. Everything can be stored and archived in the cloud. Only an internet connection is necessary to access the information without the need for a USB key or other devices;
  • The use of the cloud reduces the energy consumption of companies. This element, in addition to favoring the environment, also allows great savings in terms of invoices;
  • Moving enterprise applications to the cloud reduces each user’s carbon footprint on the environment;
  • The use of the cloud implies a transfer of -. It allows users complete mobility thanks to the possibility of connection from all connected devices: computer, tablet, smartphone, etc. thus eliminating the need for resources and often expensive infrastructure;
  • By storing the data in a virtual way, the management is simply simplified, because you keep in a few clicks all your files, calendar and other management tools.

Cloud applications in business

The use of the cloud in business management allows, in addition to financial savings, to reduce its energy consumption and emissions compared to a traditional administration. Some of the cloud applications in business could be:


Cloud storage allows you to submit files, create folders, share them. It’s a very effective system that avoids excessive paper usage and ensures that you don’t lose any documents. It is also important to note the ubiquitous characteristic of items stored in the cloud. They are accessible from any location or device through a simple internet connection.


The inclusion of cloud technology in the telecommunications sector has had many benefits for businesses. The use of WebRTC allows communications via the internet. It offers great flexibility because it allows voice communications on any device and from anywhere in the world. It is also a more economical service compared to traditional services. This is for example the case with switchboards which no longer require specific equipment or programs. The cloud in enterprise telecommunications allows access to cutting-edge technologies to all organizations without distinction.

E-mail services

It allows email account management by connecting to the network from any device. Communications on paper and other pollutants are over now, even your fax machine clogs you (virtual fax). No paper, no ink, no maintenance.

Social networks

Social networks are considered to be great advertising weapons. Every day, the number of companies that use this communication method to promote their products or to communicate their job offers is increasing. Without the cloud, social networks give way to polluting leaflets or even meetings involving car trips…


These apps are just a few of the many that the Cloud allows. The impact on the business environment is an increasingly important factor in consumer decision-making. With cloud-based solutions, you will play a key role in this process of improving human practices. And this, by improving the perception of your company by different interest groups.