For this month of October, the teams of CB News and CWT Advertising & co’m have selected 2 Startups, after vote of the community, it is the startup La Crème de la Crème which wins the title of Startup of the month October. This young startup offers to put businesses and students in touch for a win-win partnership! Discover it with us…

3 questions for the startup “The cream of the crop”

Hello Jean-Charles, can you introduce us The cream of the crop ?

Crème de la Crème allows professionals to call on the expertise and services of students from the best schools. Whether you need a market research, a communication strategy or a website, a qualified student will offer you his services. The students who offer their services come from the best schools in each sector exclusively, and all have the status of self-employed. The rates charged are well below those on the market, for a level of quality comparable to that of senior freelancers, enough to make them blush.

How was born the idea behind this project ?

We launched Crème de la Crème in April 2015. It was clear from the start: the talent of Grandes Ecoles students was underestimated and many companies could take advantage of it for occasional needs. So we brought a solution to the market. Our initial desire was to decompartmentalize the resource represented by Grande Ecole students, and to put it at the service of the greatest number. It turned out that companies immediately understood the advantage of using these first-class students, both for fundraising studies requiring a new vision, and also for subcontracting various tasks.

Today we have more than 2,000 students and more than 200 clients, including several from the CAC40. The missions carried out by the students are diverse, ranging from market research to the creation of mobile applications, including social media strategy.

What are the news / news of your startup in the coming months ?

We are in the fundraising phase, in order to accelerate our development from January 2016, especially abroad. We are currently looking to recruit several business and marketing profiles. We are also continuing to improve our platform to make it as intelligent as possible, both for the customer and for the student. Today you can pay online, accept or decline student quotes, or leave a note and comment for the student.

About the cream of the crop

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The platform of the startup Crème de la creme

Our vision, your ambition.

the best of the best

In 2015, the new challenges for companies imply new responsibilities and an innovative vision. In response to these new challenges, Crème de la Crème breaks down university knowledge by offering it practical and professional use with businesses.

Crème de la Crème seeks precisely to offer a professional world without borders, more flexible, more interactive where students are force of proposals and companies force of contracts.

The internships reinforce the students in a daily life where the remuneration is deliberately modest, where any choice is limited to a set of predefined tasks. Crème de la Crème replaces choice in the professional world by simultaneously consolidating the choice of companies to use specific expertise missions and the choice of students to have their skills in various fields.

Crème de la Crème offers students autonomy, responsibility and therefore a real experience that will consolidate their position on the job market while granting them a certain competitive advantage.


Students, do you prefer to tell your future employer that you were in charge of a team for 6 months to perform repetitive tasks already carried out by others before you, or else present your work to them on behalf of young companies and daring?

The satisfaction is twofold: the students are better paid and their professional experience is enriched. Likewise, companies derive immediate profit from the work carried out by students with exceptional academic backgrounds and detailed and impactful analyzes.

While the expertise was entrusted for several years to senior consultants, it is now yours for reasons as simple as it is bright, notably with the pace of digital transformation which requires lively and modern minds.

While companies will enrich themselves humanely and rub shoulders with the strong minds of tomorrow, students will multiply their professional skills and invest effectively in independent and rewarding missions.

The businesses that thrive tomorrow will be the ones that encourage the creativity of today. Business competitiveness is the key to our ambition and the key to your success.

The Crème de la Crème team.