▷ The death of the endless queues thanks to Hurikat #StartupDuMois Episode 12 2020 -

Who has never railed in a queue? Whether it’s government offices, park attractions or certain busy stores, Hurikat is an application that lets you avoid queues by knowing in advance how busy a place is. Meet this new startup of the month …

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3 questions to the startup “Hurikat”

Hello Emmanuel, can you introduce “Hurikat” to us?

Hurikat is the Waze of the queues. By consulting the busy hours and the off-peak hours of the town hall or shop counters for example, you can avoid queuing. Once there, you can notify the community of your expectation, it’s the community aspect.

It also works for the monument you are visiting on vacation, your Post Office, Disneyland or to avoid having “please call back later, all of our advisers are busy” by calling your customer service.

hurikat queue

How did the idea for this project come about?

After two hours of queuing at the Palace of Versailles, I learned that a “crowding table” was present on the official website. If I had known this before I moved, I would have postponed my visit by a few hours and I would not have waited at all.

The idea was born: to gather in a single application all these attendance tables, whether for tourist places, administration counters, shops or telephone customer services.

What are the news / news from your startup in the coming months?

After the launch of the beta in 2015 and the real one in England at the beginning of the month, we will open Hurikat beyond our borders. The application is already in 6 languages: this summer, we plan to launch Brazil, Russia and the United Kingdom.

About Hurikat

The best is still to get an idea by downloading either the app itself, available for free on iOS and Android or go for a walk on the site!

Also find Hurikat on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!


Free grandstand

A small startup named Google comes to walk on our flowerbeds (or would it be the reverse?) With ” Crowded periods That you may have seen appearing in search results for the past few months.

This shows the interest and the value that the crowds have and nobody except Google and we disseminate it on a large scale (not just a chain of stores for example). It is certainly a major competitor, but also a fantastic opportunity, especially as their initiative suffers from lots of limits, The first being that their estimates take absolutely no account of seasonality.


We want to be to this functionality what Waze is to Google Maps: the qualitative, real-time, community layer.